Athletic Care and Performance

  • Dr. Brad DeWeese Director of High Performance
  • Mike Nicolini Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Dr. Matt Sams Director of Sports Science
  • David Zuffelato Head Athletic Trainer
  • Dr. Omar Ahmad Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Ezron Bryson Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Bobby Daplyn Associate Athletic Trainer
  • Julia Ford Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Nicolette Mense Team Dietitian
  • Aaron McLaurin Assistant Strength & Conditioning
  • Greg Rosequist Coordinator of Rehab
  • Dr. Anne Shadle Director of Mental Performance
  • Dr. Robert Sausaman Assistant Director of High Performance
  • Karina Avila Seasonal Intern, Athletic Training
  • Clark Bingol Seasonal Intern, Athletic Training
  • Victoria Simpson Seasonal Intern, Athletic Training
  • Nate Sultan Seasonal Intern, Athletic Training
  • David Ekern Seasonal Intern, Strength and Conditioning
  • Thomas Myslinski Seasonal Intern, Strength & Conditioning
  • Veronica Magee Seasonal Intern, Sport Nutrition

Football Administration


  • Meghan Gilmore Director, Communications
  • Nick Filis Senior Manager, Communications
  • Danielle Bonnett Coordinator, Communications
  • Justin DeParis Seasonal Intern, Communications
  • Faythe Mundell Seasonal Intern, Communications
  • Ryan Stefanacci Seasonal Intern, Communications

Community Relations

  • Eli Hodges Manager, Community Relations and Youth Football
  • Rachel Zaleznik Assistant, Community Relations


  • Eric Allen Senior Director, News Strategy and Reporter
  • Chris Ubbens Senior Coordinating Producer
  • Matt Sitkoff Marketing and Sales Editor/Producer
  • Seth Bradley Senior Manager, Features Producer/Editor
  • Tony Mancuso Senior Manager, Digital Media Operations
  • Dan Szpakowski Senior Manager, Lead Photographer/Cinematographer
  • Austin Pikulski Production and Post Production Engineer
  • Perry Mattern Manager, Social Media
  • Ethan Greenberg Team Reporter/Producer
  • Frank Lazar Assistant, Multimedia Editor/Producer
  • Matthew Lombardi Feature Editor/Producer
  • Melissa Pravata Assistant, Digital and Social Media
  • Kylie Sturgill Assistant, Social Media
  • Randy Lange Consultant

Corporate Partnerships

  • Andrew Agro Senior Director, Corporate Sales
  • Sandy Osipowitz Senior Director, Corporate Partnership Activation
  • Dan Tonelli Senior Director, Corporate Sales
  • Dan Kaufmann Director, Corporate Sales
  • Brooks Neal Director, Corporate Sales
  • John Willi  Director, Corporate Sales
  • Kelli Sargenti Senior Manager, Corporate Partnership Activation
  • Heather Garces Manager, Corporate Partnership Activation
  • Thomas Pugliese Manager, Corporate Partnership Business Insights
  • Zach Korman Sales Coordinator
  • Alexa Scicchitano Coordinator, Corporate Partnership Activation
  • RJ Mastroddi Activation Specialist

Ticket Sales & Service

  • Jared Angelozzi Director, Ticket Sales Operations & Service
  • Nadege Pluviose Director, Client Relations
  • Will Lamont Director, Group Sales
  • Jason Solomon Director, Ticket Sales & Service
  • Richard Guralnik Senior Manager, Ticket Sales & Service
  • Jason Cohen Senior Manager, Group Sales
  • Sara Alparone Manager, Group Sales
  • Natasha Arena Manager, Client Relations
  • Roberto Luciano Senior Account Executive, Ticket Sales & Service
  • Ted Mangione Senior Account Executive, Ticket Sales & Service
  • Christina Muller Senior Account Executive, Ticket Sales & Service
  • Henry Messinger Senior Account Executive, Group Sales
  • Lauren Nisivoccia Krug Senior Account Executive, Group Sales
  • Matthew Bell Account Executive, Ticket Sales & Service
  • Nicholas Burbella Account Executive, Ticket Sales & Service
  • Kenneth Maley Account Executive, Group Sales
  • Christopher Ruoff Account Executive, Group Sales
  • John Timmins  Account Executive, Group Sales
  • Kailyn Touhey Account Executive, Group Sales
  • Keith Bahnsen Coordinator, Ticket Sales Operations & Service
  • Matty Goldberg Assistant, Ticket Sales Operations & Service
  • Anthony Talarico  Assistant, Ticket Sales, Operations & Service
  • Colleen Costello Assistant, Client Relations and Retention
  • Graham Klimley Assistant, Client Relations & Retention
  • Shawntain North Assistant, Client Relations & Retention
  • Stephanie Chaves Account Executive, Group Sales
  • Brooke Cohen Account Executive, Ticket Sales & Service
  • Kenneth Johnson Sales Associate
  • Patrick McInerney Account Executive, Group Sales
  • Lindsey Osowski  Sales Associate
  • Stephan Zatz Sales Associate
  • Daniel J Kaufman Seasonal Intern, Box Office


  • Gus Granneman Director, Equipment
  • Vito Contento Manager, Equipment
  • Jim Gallione Manager, Equipment
  • Armando Taddei Assistant, Equipment
  • Nick Campana Seasonal Intern, Equipment
  • Joe McMahon Seasonal Intern, Equipment
  • Nattapat Sovikul Seasonal Intern, Equipment
  • Joseph Vernieri Seasonal Intern, Equipment

Events & Game Operations

  • Denise Garvey Director, Flight Crew
  • Jack Holmgren Director, Fan Engagement & Game Presentation
  • Thomas Mongelli Coordinator, Fan Engagement & Game Presentation
  • Olivia Sherman Assistant, Fan Engagement& Game Presentation

Facilities Operations

  • Michael Lebet Director, Facility Operations
  • Mark Garcia Manager, Office & Mail Services
  • Mike Gogoski Facility Technician
  • James Hadzimichalis Facility Technician
  • Eugene Martel Facility Technician


  • Ed Feeley Director, Accounting
  • Jared George Director, Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Ashley Goodin Business Analyst
  • Phil Mayer Business Analyst
  • Diana Berkovits Manager of Strategy
  • Tanner Crouch Analyst, Strategy
  • Theresa Hunziker Administrator, Accounts Payable
  • Justin Schain Coordinator, Staff Accountant
  • Nick Page Sponsorship Analyst, Business Intelligence & Analytics


  • Blake Hoerr Director, Fields & Grounds
  • Seth DeFouw Manager, Fields & Grounds
  • Frank Byrnes Assistant, Field and Grounds
  • Christopher Killacky Assistant, Field & Grounds

Human Resources/Business Operations

  • Kachana Wilder Director, Payroll & Benefits
  • Jocelyn Gaskins Executive Assistant to the President & COO
  • Lauren Reed Executive Assistant, Business Operation
  • Meg Brown Coordinator, Human Resources

Information & Technology

  • Steve Piazza Senior Director, Network Services
  • Paul Marsh Senior Director, Application Development
  • Matt Capogrosso Director of Football Systems
  • Donald Schnaars Senior Manager, Information Security/Infrastructure
  • Chris Miller Application Developer
  • Jesse Pierson  Application Developer
  • Jazmin Severino Lead System Support Specialist
  • Michael Susin Systems Administrator
  • Edwin Torijano IT Help Desk Support


  • Jose Rey Director, Creative Services
  • Jessica Blank Senior Manager, Marketing
  • Kailee Collins Coordinator, Graphic Design


Presented by
  • Dr. Ken Montgomery Head Orthopedist
  • Dr. Damion Martins Chief Medical Officer
  • John Carollo Dentist
  • David Chu Ophthalmologist
  • Peter Hersh Ophthalmologist
  • Dr. Elliott Hershman Team Orthopedist
  • Jason Levy Chiropractor
  • Dr. Dean Padavan Internist
  • Dr. Andrew A. Willis Team Orthopedist

Player Development

  • David Szott Director, Player Development
  • Bryce Bevill Manager, Player Development

Premium Partnerships Sales & Service

  • Tim Reinhart Senior Director, Premium Partnerships
  • Mitch Hall Director, Premium Partnerships, Service and Retention
  • Brad Rittle Director, Premium Partnerships
  • John Ehrline Senior Manager, Premium Partnerships
  • Mary Cate McGillicuddy Senior Manager, Premium Partnerships, Service and Retention
  • TJ Abone Manager, Premium Partnerships
  • Drew Felsenthal Manager, Premium Partnerships
  • Ryan Polsinello  Manager, Premium Partnerships
  • Jonathan Smaldon Manager, Premium Partnerships
  • Stacey Murad Manager, Premium Partnerships Sales, Service & Operations


  • Robert Treiber Director, Security
  • Thomas D’Ambola Senior Manager, Facilities Security
  • Anthony Aviles Security
  • Tracy Bennett Security
  • Bill Carroll Security
  • Edward Cocozza Security
  • Dominick DiAndrea Security
  • Curt Jones Security
  • Kyle Kampf Security
  • Tom McCauley Security
  • Danny McNamara Security
  • Rob Metro Security
  • Buddy Nocerino Security
  • Craig Perrelli Security
  • Joe Pizzi Security
  • Kirwan Young Security

Football Operations

  • Aaron Degerness Director, Football Operations
  • Mari Jo Kohler Senior Manager, Football Operations
  • Rich Bedell Manager, Football Operations
  • Robert Dadona Seasonal Intern, Football Operations
  • Morgan Hersh Seasonal Intern, Football Operations

Ticket Operations

  • Jeff Hecker Senior Director, Ticket Operations
  • Michele Spadavecchia Director, Ticket Operations


  • Ryan O’Heir Director, Video
  • Ryan Darcey Manager, Video
  • Michael Zeoli Manager, Video
  • Evan Rugel Assistant, Video
  • Justin Markus Seasonal Intern, Video
  • Brandon Haselbeck Seasonal Intern, Video