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Christopher W. Johnson

Vice Chairman


CHRISTOPHER WOLD JOHNSON, has overseen pivotal changes within the organization and has been a key part of the New York Jets leadership since 2000.

In his time as Chairman and CEO (2017-2021), Johnson implemented the promotion of team President Hymie Elhai, and hired General Manager Joe Douglas and Head Coach Robert Saleh. In these three, Johnson is confident that he found collaborative leaders who will unify the Jets in their shared goal of building a sustained, winning franchise.

Johnson has developed a strong bond with the players. At a particularly critical time of racial strife, Johnson addressed the team and discussed how they all—Johnson, coaches, executives, and players—could use their powerful platform to influence positive change. He proudly stood with the players and worked with them on initiatives promoting more inclusive social justice. These efforts continue today.

Johnson currently serves as an active member of the NFL's Media Owned and Operated committee.

Johnson is active in various educational endeavors and local philanthropy, supporting a range of initiatives, including charter school construction, youth sports and the encouragement of public discourse and exchange of ideas through debating societies.