Articles - October 2007

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2007-10-01 Erik Coleman Gives Students Food for Thought
2007-10-01 It's Time Again to Walk with Us to Cure Lupus
2007-10-01 Revis Learned a Lot on the Inside vs. Bills
2007-10-01 Monday Player Interviews
2007-10-01 Coach's Monday News Conference
2007-10-02 Cotchery: Chad's Accuracy Is 'Shocking'
2007-10-02 Spencer Placed on Reserve/NFI List
2007-10-02 Coach of the Week: Joe Piccininni, Newfield HS
2007-10-03 A Trip Down Green and Blue Memory Lane
2007-10-03 For Brick, A.C., the Heat Is On This Week
2007-10-03 WR Clowney Joins the Jets
2007-10-03 Wednesday Player Interviews
2007-10-03 Coach's Wednesday News Conference
2007-10-04 Big Blue Verticality Will Test Jets' Pass 'D'
2007-10-04 Meredith: All the Hard Work Has Paid Off
2007-10-04 Thursday Player Interviews
2007-10-04 If E.Coleman Can't Go, These Safeties Can
2007-10-04 Mackey's Back in Town
2007-10-04 Coach's Thursday News Conference
2007-10-05 Hicks Surveys 'Long Haul' with Veteran's Eye
2007-10-05 Bid Now for VIP Honorary Captain Experience
2007-10-05 Jones, Ground Game Seek a Giant Spark
2007-10-05 Seeing Stars at Namath Charity Golf Classic
2007-10-05 Friday Player Interviews
2007-10-05 Coach's Friday News Conference
2007-10-07 Weird N.J.: Jets on the Road in Their House
2007-10-07 Jets Lead Early, Giants Pull Away Late, 35-24
2007-10-07 Giants Postgame Interviews
2007-10-07 Coach, Teammates Keep the Faith in Chad
2007-10-08 Jerseyan Jennings Shows Off His Green
2007-10-08 The New York Titans: How It All Began
2007-10-08 To Get on a Roll, Jones Will Play His Role
2007-10-08 Monday Player Interviews
2007-10-08 Coach's Monday News Conference
2007-10-09 Jets, in a 1-4 Hole, Call on Character
2007-10-09 Postcard from Titans' 1960 Summer Camp
2007-10-09 Coach of the Week: Andy DiDomenico, Tappan Zee HS
2007-10-09 Two Jets Take NYC Runway in Titans Gear
2007-10-10 Laura Pours Her Energy into the Flight Crew
2007-10-10 Practice Squad: Underwood In, Collins Out
2007-10-10 Some Points in Time for the Titans
2007-10-10 Off the Field at the Eagles Game
2007-10-10 Philadelphia Conference Calls
2007-10-10 Wednesday Player Interviews
2007-10-11 McNabb's a Huge Hurdle for Rhodes & Co.
2007-10-11 When the Franchise First Talked Turkey
2007-10-11 Julian's One Season in the Titans' Secondary
2007-10-11 E.Smith Steps In at Safety Without a Hitch
2007-10-11 Thursday Player Interviews
2007-10-11 Coach's Thursday News Conference
2007-10-12 Westbrook Is One Tough Bird to Cage
2007-10-12 Out with the Old, In with the New
2007-10-12 Bill Gallo Was There for the Titans' Birth
2007-10-12 Jets Visit Their New Neighborhood
2007-10-12 Friday Player Interviews
2007-10-12 Coach's Friday News Conference
2007-10-13 Mischak Was Titans' Most Decorated Player
2007-10-14 Jets, in New Threads, Seek Boost vs. Eagles
2007-10-14 Jets Turned Aside on Throwback Day, 16-9
2007-10-14 Thomas Jones Gains Traction vs. Eagles
2007-10-14 Philadelphia Postgame Interviews
2007-10-15 Monday Player Interviews
2007-10-15 Coles: Only Change Jets Need Is a Win
2007-10-15 Coach's Monday News Conference
2007-10-16 Kate: Californian, Pre-Med ... Flight Crew Member
2007-10-17 Jets, Bengals Are Kindred Spirits This Season
2007-10-17 'Excited' Erik Coleman Gets Back in the Flow
2007-10-17 Wednesday Player Interviews
2007-10-17 Cincinnati Conference Calls
2007-10-17 Coach's Wednesday News Conference
2007-10-18 'Ocho Cinco' Is More About YAC than Yak for Now
2007-10-18 Thursday Player Interviews
2007-10-18 Coach's Thursday News Conference
2007-10-19 David Harris 'Hits Hard and Knows What to Do'
2007-10-19 Bid Now on Thanksgiving VIP Road Experience
2007-10-19 Friday Player Interview
2007-10-19 Sutton Measuring Progress in Inches
2007-10-20 Coach's Friday News Conference
2007-10-21 Jets Fail to Cage Bengals, 38-31, in Cincinnati
2007-10-21 In Good Times and Bad, LC Is a Rock
2007-10-22 Cincinnati Postgame Interviews
2007-10-22 Monday Player Interviews
2007-10-22 Coach's Monday News Conference
2007-10-23 Abram Elam Shows Pop in NFL Starting Debut
2007-10-23 The Captivating Story of Jacey Cotchery
2007-10-23 Jets, Atlantic Health Join Forces in Naming Facility
2007-10-23 WR David Clowney Waived
2007-10-24 Courtney: Broadway Beckons, but First Things First
2007-10-24 Off the Field at the Bills Game
2007-10-24 Pennington's the Pick to Start vs. Bills
2007-10-24 Wednesday Player Interviews
2007-10-24 Buffalo Conference Calls
2007-10-24 Coach's Wednesday News Conference
2007-10-25 Sean Ryan Knows What Hard Work Can Do
2007-10-25 Coach of the Week: Doug Wilkins, Mountain Lakes HS
2007-10-25 Saltzman Center to Honor Jets, Tannenbaum
2007-10-25 Inside Job: Harris Ready to Step In for Vilma
2007-10-25 Thursday Player Interviews
2007-10-25 Clowney Replaces Davis on Practice Squad
2007-10-25 Coach's Thursday News Conference
2007-10-26 Revis Expects Bills to Come After Him Again
2007-10-26 Poteat Won't Call it Home but He Likes the View
2007-10-26 Friday Player Interviews
2007-10-26 Coach's Friday News Conference
2007-10-27 Brad Smith: 'I'm Going to Want More'
2007-10-27 Vilma Placed on Injured Reserve
2007-10-27 Chatham Activated from PUP List
2007-10-28 Hobson, 'D' Need Big Game vs. Familiar Foes
2007-10-28 Jets Deflated by Losman-to-Evans, Bills, 13-3
2007-10-28 Buffalo Postgame Interviews
2007-10-28 Harris Has an Impact in NFL Starting Debut
2007-10-29 Mangini's Starting QB for Redskins: Clemens
2007-10-29 WR Davis Returns, LB Mackey Departs
2007-10-29 Coach's Monday News Conference
2007-10-29 Monday Player Interviews
2007-10-30 Jets Teammates Take QB Switch in Stride
2007-10-30 Jets/Saks Fifth Avenue Fashion Show Set
2007-10-30 Coach of the Week: Pat Cicarella, Bullard-Havens Tech
2007-10-30 Harris in the Running for Rookie of the Week
2007-10-31 Flight Crew Duties Keep Gina G. on Her Toes
2007-10-31 Off the Field at the Redskins Game
2007-10-31 Clemens, WRs Cramming for Chemistry Exam
2007-10-31 Coach's Wednesday News Conference
2007-10-31 Wednesday Player Interviews
2007-10-31 Kendall Bringing Back 'Mixed Emotions'
2007-10-31 Washington Conference Calls