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Meredith: All the Hard Work Has Paid Off


Despite being a member of the team's 2006 flag crew, Meredith was a bit nervous following tryouts for the 2007 New York Jets Flight Crew.

"I was freaking out," Meredith said. "I can truly tell you what it feels like to have a pit in your stomach, waiting for a week to be called. I know it was a closed audition and there were only 50 girls there but there were some really good girls, really great dancers, gorgeous girls, great bodies. I was nervous."

But she didn't leave before performing well on her final test.

"I think I did really great on the interview. I think everybody always feels like they can do a little bit better on their dancing, which is a huge part of being picked for this team," she said. "But there was an interview section and that was the last part. After I did that, I said, 'OK, maybe I do have a good chance."

Denise Garvey, the Flight Crew's choreographer, squelched any doubt by making Meredith one of her 10 selections.

"She's a hard worker, she's reliable and she's cute as a button," Garvey said of the brown-eyed girl who was born on Christmas Day. "You can tell when she's here that she really wants to be here and that she feels lucky to be here, which is a nice feeling. She doesn't take it for granted."

A dental hygienist, Meredith was both a New York Islander Ice Girl and a Fire Dragon for the New York Arena Football League team before joining the Jets.

"My parents have been to every game so far. I have a very supportive family," said the eastern Long Island resident. "Over the course of five years, my parents went to every single Dragons game. I used to dance and do all these competitions when I was a little girl and it's a huge accomplishment to make it to the professional level."

Meredith said Garvey introduced "unbelievable choreography" for this year's dances. As a result, the team is getting noticed more now on both the local and national levels.

"I think we have a couple of more girls, a really great uniform," Meredith said. "I think we have really great dancers, and this year we're out there more so people can really see us. It's exciting to get that national publicity."

The throwback theme for the upcoming home game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Oct. 14 extends to the Flight Crew. They'll be rocking out their New York Titans gear for the first time.

"It's adorable," Meredith said of the outfit. "It's navy blue and gold. We have little football pants, which go below your knee like capris. We'll also have a little shirt with rhinestones. They're cute."

This first Flight Crew is a tight unit. Meredith is happy to have best friend Jennifer by her side on the sideline. Both young ladies also worked together with the Islanders and the Dragons at Nassau Coliseum.

"We have been lucky enough to be on all of these teams together," Meredith said. "It's awesome to be with your best friend, somebody who's like your sister."

Now that the nerves have subsided, Meredith treasures the opportunities she has performing. She just isn't a person to take anything for granted.

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