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BRIE: For Auditions, Be the Best You Can Be


During one of our summer training camp sessions, our director, Denise Garvey, gave us a quote that stuck with me: "Failure to plan is planning to fail."

With that being said, I always enter the offseason with a detailed plan created regarding how I am going to get myself into my best shape for the upcoming year's audition. By giving myself a calendar with specific benchmarks that I want to hit, I can keep myself on track in regards to my fitness and dance training, so that once the big day comes I am 100% ready!

Here are a few of my tips for getting yourself ready for auditions so that you can be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be!


Have you ever heard the phrase "abs are made in the kitchen?" Spoiler alert: It's TRUE! I try to live as clean and healthy a lifestyle as I can all year round, but I really kick it up a notch when I'm training for auditions. This means lots of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and water! Try to stay away from sugary foods (my weakness!) and processed foods. My rule of thumb is: If it's from the Earth, it can't hurt!


Training is a very important aspect of the Flight Crew's daily lives. We train hard and enjoy seeing the results of our hard efforts. Cardio training is very important for keeping your stamina up, especially when performing taxing dance routines.

If you aren't a gym person, try to incorporate different workouts into your schedule to mix things up. Boot camp style classes are a great combination of cardio and toning. Some of the cheerleaders love taking spin classes to get their workout in. Personally, I enjoy taking Barre classes, which use the principles of dance training to create a long and lean figure.

Most important, don't forget to stretch! We do an intense kickline routine, so you really want to make sure that your muscles are stretched properly to avoid injury and maximize your potential.


Keeping up with your dance training is crucial to having a successful audition! I enjoy taking various dance classes in the offseason to keep myself "in the game," so to speak. Also, it's fun to get into different styles that you don't normally get to dance to during the season. We are so lucky to be in a city where dance class opportunities are limitless! Check out Broadway Dance Center or Steps On Broadway; both of which are in New York City and offer a wide range of levels and styles of dance classes.

Early morning choreography session with @NextLevelDance & former JFC Kerri Ann! Best way to start the day! #dance — Brie (@Brie_JFC) March 15, 2014


Do your research to make sure that you look the part! Check out pictures on the website that will show you a bit of what the preferred look is. Do the girls have a more glam look versus natural? A bright lip? Neutral nails? All of these things play a factor. Head to your nearest MAC location and ask for help in picking colors that complement you.

Remember, too tan is never a good thing, so don't go overboard in the tanning salon. Orange skin is never in style!

When picking out your audition attire, you should pick something that stands out but is also comfortable. Make sure your top has coverage and that everything will stay put! The other cheerleaders and I like to have a dress rehearsal before the big day where we take the time to run everything full out and make sure everything works costume-wise.

Lastly, don't forget your dance tights!

Auditions can be scary, but remember, everyone is in the same boat! Try to relax, smile, make new friends, and most of all enjoy the experience! Hope to see you at auditions!



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