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Jerseyan Jennings Shows Off His Green


Martin Jennings, lifelong New Jersey resident and lifelong Jets fan, knows how to make the most of his Sundays with the Green & White.

Despite the fact that Jennings' mother was a Rams fan, his dad is a Jets fan and green and white always ruled in the Jennings house on Sundays. Now that Jennings is a season ticket holder, he is able to exercise his support for the team from the sidelines — a much better view.

From pregame tailgates featuring shish kebabs, hot dogs, London broil and Buffalo wings (when the Bills are in town) to the green and white face paint he sports for nearly every game, Jennings bleeds green.

He attends the game with a group of friends he has cultivated from sitting near them for so many years, including his friend, Tom, with whom he is pictured. Jennings has recently brought his fiancée, Diane, to a few games to meet his Sunday family and to cheer on his favorite team. Despite only recently becoming a fan, she's already embraced the role, from sporting Jets clothes to passionately cheering for her new favorite team.

Congratulations, Marty, for winning the September Show Us Your Green Contest!

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