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Friday Player Interviews

Transcript of interviews with selected Jets players during the locker room media period after Friday's midday practice:       


On returning to practice …

It feels great to be out there with the team and participating. It was one of the toughest things to have to watch your team go out there and play without you. It is hard and you don't want to get used to that.

On whether he expects to play Sunday …

It's up to the coaches. It's the coach's decision. I would rather be out there and help out.

On the progress he has made …

I'm very excited just to be able to go out and practice. It's a great feeling.

On whether he gave any advice to Eric Smith before the Giants game …

Eric has been playing for a while. He knows what to do out there. Unfortunately, we weren't able to win, but he did a good job.


On missing the 42-yard field goal vs. the Giants …

Sometimes the flags don't really tell you what's going on on the field. During warmups I needed to play it pretty good right. For some reason, I went on the field like I was playing in a dome. I aimed it where I would have if it was a normal, non-windy day. I hit it great, got through it good, and looked up and it caught the wind and went past it. I should have played it a lot better.

On starting the season 4-of-7 on field goal attempts ...

The bad part is that I've been consistent so far in the way I've started the season. We still have a lot of games to go. You see some kickers starting off the season 10-for-10 and I started off this season 4-for-7 and 2-for-4 this time last year. You just have to be able to execute and bounce back, forget about what happened last week. That's what I've been working on this week, focusing on playing the wind better, trying to kick a better ball and being more consistent.

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