Videos - December 2014

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2014-12-01 Pennington: 'An Honor to Play' With #80
2014-12-01 Harvin: 'We're Just Killing Ourselves'
2014-12-01 Jets Committing to the Run
2014-12-01 Chrebet: From 11th on Depth Chart to Ring of Honor
2014-12-01 Game Preview: Jets vs. Dolphins
2014-12-01 Walls Picks Off Deflected Tannehill Pass
2014-12-01 Jets Take the Field for MNF
2014-12-01 Pregame Speech: Primetime Edition
2014-12-01 Folk goes back post for 45-yard FG
2014-12-01 CJ Flashes Vintage Speed on 47-Yd Run
2014-12-01 Salas Takes End-Around to Paydirt
2014-12-01 Rex Ryan: 'We Wanted to Run the Football'
2014-12-02 Rex: 'We Can't Buy a Win'
2014-12-02 Rex: Poor Special Teams Play the Difference
2014-12-02 Rex Ryan: Run Game 'Gave Us Best Shot to Win'
2014-12-02 Geno: 'The Game Plan Was Working'
2014-12-02 Folk: 'I Didn't Do My Part'
2014-12-02 Johnson: 'We Didn't Make Enough Plays'
2014-12-02 Walls: 'We Should Have Won This Game'
2014-12-02 T.J. Barnes: 'Living Out the Big Man's Dream'
2014-12-02 David Harris: 'There Are No Moral Victories'
2014-12-02 Marcus Williams: 'We Don't Quit'
2014-12-02 Chrebet: 'I'll Never Forget Tonight'
2014-12-02 Cumberland: 'Pretty Much Sums Up Our Season'
2014-12-02 Lyons: O-Line Played Its Best Game of 2014
2014-12-02 2014 Ring of Honor Induction Ceremony
2014-12-02 Rex: Jets to Emphasize Special Teams in Practice
2014-12-03 Namath: Jets Need to Find 'Right Combination'
2014-12-03 Rex Ryan: Running the Football Best for Jets
2014-12-03 Rex: Jets Working on Mental Prep for Vikings
2014-12-03 Rex: Chris Johnson Running 'Extremely Well'
2014-12-03 Rex Ryan: 'We Want to Win Over Everything'
2014-12-03 Sights & Sounds: Ring of Honor
2014-12-03 Rex 'Doesn't Think' Wilkerson Will Play Sunday
2014-12-03 Richardson: 'No One's Pointing the Finger'
2014-12-03 Folk 'Optimistic' About Playing Sunday
2014-12-03 Harvin: 'I'm Going to Have a Blast'
2014-12-03 McDougle and Wilkerson Injury Update
2014-12-03 Vick: 'We Just Have to Focus on Winning'
2014-12-03 Geno: 'Wish I Had a Couple of Plays Back'
2014-12-03 12/03 Rex Ryan Press Conference
2014-12-03 Behind Enemy Lines: Minnesota Vikings
2014-12-03 The Jets' Take: Ground and Pound Game Plan
2014-12-04 Daily Report: MIN QB Meets Jets' Organized Chaos
2014-12-04 Pennington: Who Cares if Pass or Run?
2014-12-04 D-Woody: QB Must Be 'Caretaker of the Football'
2014-12-04 Rex: Amaro Cleared for 'Light Exercise'
2014-12-04 Rex on Coples: 'He's a Force on the Run'
2014-12-04 Rex Ryan: Bridgewater Calm in Big Moments
2014-12-04 Rex: Pryor Getting 'Better Grasp' of Defense
2014-12-04 12/04 Rex Ryan Press Conference
2014-12-04 Mic'd Up: Wayne Chrebet
2014-12-04 Decker Excited for Homecoming
2014-12-04 Thurman: Pryor Showing Discipline & Restraint
2014-12-04 Mornhinweg: 'Pass Game Hasn't Come to Fruition'
2014-12-04 McGaughey: 'Big Emphasis' on Punt Protection
2014-12-04 Richardson Wants Ferguson to Stay Peaceful
2014-12-04 Folk Injury Update
2014-12-05 Daily Report: Special Teams Needs a Spark
2014-12-05 Testaverde: 'A Disappointing Year'
2014-12-05 Pennington: Jets Have to Flip the Script
2014-12-05 Richardson: Pro Bowl Would Be a 'Big Honor'
2014-12-05 12/05 Rex Ryan Press Conference
2014-12-05 Rex: 'I Believe in Every Single Coach That I Have'
2014-12-05 No. 80 Epitomizes Game of Football
2014-12-05 Harvin: 'Nobody's Let Off the Gas'
2014-12-06 Coples Has a 'Reunion' at DE
2014-12-06 Can Jets Run Game Be Successful in Minnesota?
2014-12-06 Film Review: Barnes' Read-Option Stop
2014-12-06 A Tribute to No. 80
2014-12-06 Road Report: Decker Home Again
2014-12-07 Film Review: CJ Displays His Field Vision
2014-12-07 Game Preview: Jets vs. Vikings
2014-12-07 Jets Arrive at TCF Bank Stadium
2014-12-07 Jets Take the Field in Minnesota
2014-12-07 Geno Finds Wide-Open Harvin for 47 Yds
2014-12-07 Richardson Records First Career Safety
2014-12-07 Harvin Scores First TD as a Jet
2014-12-07 Walls Pulls Down INT on Hail Mary
2014-12-07 Graham Pounces On MIN Fumble
2014-12-07 Geno Escapes Pressure, Finds Decker
2014-12-07 Jets vs. Vikings: Rex Ryan Press Conference
2014-12-07 Rex 'Pleased' with Geno's Performance
2014-12-07 Geno: Jets Get 'Stagnant' in Red Zone
2014-12-07 Harvin: Offense Showed Its True Potential
2014-12-08 Colon: Jets Couldn't Capitalize
2014-12-08 Jarrett: 'Love the Way Sheldon Plays'
2014-12-08 Richardson: 'We Didn't Finish'
2014-12-08 12/08 Rex Ryan Post Practice Press Conference
2014-12-09 Rex: Harvin Suffered Low Ankle Injury
2014-12-09 Rex Ryan: Woody Johnson Passionate About Jets
2014-12-09 Rex Ryan: Sheldon 'Makes a Ton of Plays'
2014-12-09 Rex: Richardson Deserving of Pro Bowl Selection
2014-12-09 SNY Postgame with Dawan Landry
2014-12-09 Richardson: 'We Still Have Something to Play For'
2014-12-09 Geno: 'I'm Going to Be Successful'
2014-12-09 Jets Test Their Culinary Skills
2014-12-09 Johnson: Nashville Return Will Be 'Weird'
2014-12-10 Daily Report: Richardson Becoming a Dominant Force
2014-12-10 Wilson: 'It's a Tough Year'
2014-12-10 Jets Host Inaugural Turkey Trot 5K
2014-12-10 Rex: CJ Putting Together 'Strong Games'
2014-12-10 Rex: Geno Striving for Consistency
2014-12-10 Rex Ryan Confident Geno Smith Will Improve
2014-12-10 12/10 Rex Ryan Press Conference
2014-12-10 Rex Ryan: Titans Defense Able to Get After QB
2014-12-10 Geno: 'Consistency is the Main Goal'
2014-12-10 Harvin: 'I Will Be Playing'
2014-12-10 Jets' Take: Geno Aims to End Inconsistent Run
2014-12-11 Behind Enemy Lines: Tennessee Titans
2014-12-11 Daily Report: Defense Sets Sights on Top 3
2014-12-11 Jets Alumni Remember Leon Hess
2014-12-11 Demario: 'We Just Keep Fighting'
2014-12-11 Pennington: Geno's 'Movement Was Outstanding'
2014-12-11 Rex 'Focusing on the Present'
2014-12-11 Rex: 'Big Blow' If Percy Can't Go
2014-12-11 Rex Ryan: CJ Has 'Special Motivation' for Sunday
2014-12-11 12/11 Rex Ryan Press Conference
2014-12-11 Rex Ryan: Wilkerson's Game Status '50-50'
2014-12-11 Amaro to Return, Wilkerson Questionable
2014-12-11 Decker Attacking Each Day
2014-12-11 Pace: One Draft Pick Won't Change Things
2014-12-11 McGaughey: Bad Timing on Coaching Comments
2014-12-11 Thurman: Harrison Has Had a 'Great Year'
2014-12-11 Jets Prepare for Titans' Blitz Game
2014-12-11 The Jets' Take: If Harvin Is Down, Who Steps Up?
2014-12-12 Daily Report: Harris on the Verge of 1,000 Tackles
2014-12-12 Harrison: 'Play Like You're Undefeated'
2014-12-12 Wyatt: Locker 'Fits the Mold'
2014-12-12 A Memorable Jets Holiday Shopping Spree
2014-12-12 Johnson Focused on the Task at Hand
2014-12-12 Rex Ryan: Wilkerson Doubtful, Harvin Questionable
2014-12-12 Film Review: Harvin Finds End Zone
2014-12-12 Harvin: 'Should Be Ready to Roll'
2014-12-13 Jets vs. Titans Game Preview
2014-12-13 Humble Harris Approaches a Milestone
2014-12-13 Film Review: Richardson Safety
2014-12-13 Jets Land in Music City
2014-12-14 On the Road Report: Richardson Hungry for a Win
2014-12-14 Jets Arrive at LP Field
2014-12-14 Jets Take the Field in Nashville
2014-12-14 Graham Recovers Free Kick
2014-12-14 Decker Springs Free for 48 Yds
2014-12-14 Conner Hauls in 9-Yd TD
2014-12-14 CJ Goes for 37 Yds on Direct Snap
2014-12-14 Ivory Puts Jets Ahead
2014-12-14 Jets Stop Titans on 4th Down
2014-12-14 Jets vs. Titans: Rex Ryan Press Conference
2014-12-14 Geno: Jets 'Tied By the Hip'
2014-12-14 Rex Ryan: 'It's Great to Get a Win'
2014-12-14 Breno: 'We All Got Each Other's Backs'
2014-12-14 Conner 'Real Proud' of Jets' Performance
2014-12-14 Decker: Win 'Rewarding' for Green & White
2014-12-14 CJ: Brawl 'Kind of Sparked Us'
2014-12-15 Rex's Postgame Locker Room Speech
2014-12-15 Landry: 'We Never Back Down from a Challenge'
2014-12-15 Pace: 'We Stood the Test'
2014-12-15 Harvin: Ankle 'Sore on Some Cuts'
2014-12-15 Enemkpali 'Real Comfortable' in Increased Role
2014-12-16 Rex Ryan: Geno Making Good Decisions
2014-12-16 Coples: Jets Will Continue to Fight
2014-12-16 Decker: Patriots Rivalry 'Fuels' Game Prep
2014-12-16 Geno: Jets Will Focus on Red Zone Offense
2014-12-16 Marcus Williams' Holiday Memories
2014-12-16 Breno: Benching 'Sparked' QB Geno Smith
2014-12-17 Pace: 'Not Right' Rex Taking the Blame
2014-12-17 Enemkpali: Felt Good to Win for Older Guys
2014-12-17 Rex Ryan: Wilkerson Won't 'Shut It Down'
2014-12-17 Rex on Revis: 'He's Had a Great Season'
2014-12-17 Rex Ryan: Rontez Miles Earned Spot on Roster
2014-12-17 Rex: Offense Played Well vs. Patriots in Week 7
2014-12-17 12/17 Rex Ryan Press Conference
2014-12-17 Percy: Ankle Feeling Better
2014-12-17 Geno Smith: Jets 'Excited' for Patriots
2014-12-17 Wilkerson Trying to Find Comfort
2014-12-17 Jets' Take: Aggressive Approach for Patriots
2014-12-17 Behind Enemy Lines: New England Patriots
2014-12-18 Daily Report: Round 2 vs. NE's High Octane Offense
2014-12-18 Has the Jets O-Line Played Well Enough?
2014-12-18 Rex Ryan: David Harris Is a 'Coach on the Field'
2014-12-18 Rex: Offense Has Improved in Red Zone
2014-12-18 Rex Ryan: Patriots LBs Can Do It All
2014-12-18 12/18 Rex Ryan Press Conference
2014-12-18 Colon: 'Just Want to Finish Strong'
2014-12-18 Decker: 'This Is a Big Rivalry Game'
2014-12-18 McGaughey: 'Percy's Tough as Boot Leather'
2014-12-18 Thurman: Richardson a 'Fantastic Young Player'
2014-12-18 Mornhinweg: 'Geno's Been Up & Down'
2014-12-18 Jets' Take: This One Means More
2014-12-19 Daily Report: Revis Back, but as a Patriot
2014-12-19 Jets Historically Give the Patriots Trouble
2014-12-19 Landry: 'First One Got Away from Us'
2014-12-19 12/19 Rex Ryan Press Conference
2014-12-19 Rex Ryan: Patriots 'Dominant' in AFC East
2014-12-19 Rex: Rontez Miles' Injury 'Unfortunate'
2014-12-19 Film Review: Direct Snap to Johnson for 37
2014-12-19 Pace: Pats 'Bring Out the Best in Us'
2014-12-20 Jets vs. Patriots Game Preview
2014-12-20 Craziness at Toys 'R' Us
2014-12-20 Film Review: Coples Racks Up Critical Sack
2014-12-20 Graham Has Been Special on Teams
2014-12-20 Jets Partner with to Fight Hunger
2014-12-21 Jets Arrive for Divisional Battle
2014-12-21 Jets Take the Field Against the Patriots
2014-12-21 Harris Highlights: 'The Tackling Machine'
2014-12-21 Geno Finds Cumberland for 20-Yd TD Strike
2014-12-21 Williams Records First Career INT
2014-12-21 Harris: D 'Gave Up Too Many Points'
2014-12-21 Mangold: Ankle Needs Further Testing
2014-12-21 Jets vs. Patriots: Rex Ryan Press Conference
2014-12-21 Rex: 'We Couldn't Close the Deal'
2014-12-22 Brie's Pro Bowl Bound
2014-12-23 Lyons: Jets Had Slim Margin of Error vs. Pats
2014-12-23 Cumberland: 'Right Through Our Fingertips'
2014-12-23 Conner: 'We Can't Depend on Field Goals'
2014-12-23 Bellore: 'It's a Heartbreaker'
2014-12-23 Geno: 'Tried to Limit Loss' on Sack
2014-12-23 Decker: Settling for FGs the Difference in Loss
2014-12-23 Douzable: 'We Knew How to Play These Guys'
2014-12-23 Richardson: Blitzes Got Brady 'Off His Spot'
2014-12-23 Geno: 'It's a Very Important Week'
2014-12-23 Ferguson: 'Rex Is Our Guy'
2014-12-23 2014 Team Award Winners
2014-12-23 Jets 2014 Team MVP Sheldon Richardson
2014-12-23 Geno: 'No Outlet' on Sack
2014-12-23 Babin: What Can We Do Better?
2014-12-23 Rex Ryan: 'We Came Up Short'
2014-12-23 Rex: Miami Presents Big Challenge for Jets
2014-12-23 12/23 Rex Ryan Press Conference
2014-12-23 Rex Ryan: Nick Mangold in Walking Boot
2014-12-23 Rex Ryan: Confidence Not Shaken by Season
2014-12-23 Vick: 'I Can Still Play at a High Level'
2014-12-23 Jets' Take: 'Blessed' Richardson Humbled by Honor
2014-12-23 Ferguson: 'Excited About the Challenge Ahead'
2014-12-23 Richardson: 'Overwhelming Feeling for Me'
2014-12-24 Spotted on the Sideline: Bow Wow & Steve Wilkos
2014-12-24 Giacomini: 'Up & Down Year'
2014-12-24 Happy Holidays Jets Nation
2014-12-24 No Huddle: Holiday Edition
2014-12-24 Can Dolphins Stop Jets Dominant D-Line?
2014-12-24 State of the Jets
2014-12-24 Harvin 'Not Built' to Sit Out
2014-12-24 Richardson: 'I Was Dominant' Every Game
2014-12-24 Rex Ryan: Winning Is Top Priority
2014-12-24 Rex Ryan Not Looking Past Miami
2014-12-24 12/24 Rex Ryan Press Conference
2014-12-24 Rex: Richardson Does Defense's 'Dirty Work'
2014-12-24 McGaughey: 'We've Been Awful' in Punt Return
2014-12-24 Thurman: 'We're Not Where We Wanted to Be'
2014-12-24 Mornhinweg: Geno Had to 'Restart'
2014-12-26 Behind Enemy Lines: Miami Dolphins
2014-12-26 Williams Expecting 'Dog Fight' Against Dolphins
2014-12-26 Rex Ryan: 3 Players Miss Practice with Illness
2014-12-26 Rex: Williams Took Advantage of Opportunity
2014-12-26 Rex Ryan Recalls 1st Jets Practice
2014-12-26 12/26 Rex Ryan Press Conference
2014-12-26 Harvin: Feels 'Good Enough to Go'
2014-12-26 Film Review: Jets Collect a Brady Sandwich Sack
2014-12-26 Game Preview: Jets vs. Dolphins
2014-12-27 Film Review: Jeff Cumberland Finds the End Zone
2014-12-28 Road Report: Geno Smith
2014-12-28 The Green & White Enter Rival Territory
2014-12-28 Jets Take the Field in Miami
2014-12-28 Pregame Pump-Up: Miami Edition
2014-12-28 Geno Finds Owusu for Leaping Catch
2014-12-28 Owusu Scores on End-Around
2014-12-28 Decker Catches 41-Yd Pass from Geno
2014-12-28 Ivory Waltzes In for First Career TD Catch