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Morgan Moses Returns to Jets With 'Unfinished Business' 

Right Tackle ‘Looking Forward’ to Learning From QB Aaron Rodgers


After two years with the Baltimore Ravens, Morgan Moses returns to the place he called home in 2021. The Jets right tackle is excited to jump back in with the team he knows is the right fit for him.

"Just the familiarity," Moses said. "Being here knowing that Coach [Robert] Saleh runs things the right way. When I left, I felt like I had so much unfinished business here. I didn't get to really do what I set out for myself to do. So, I'm excited, I'm a different player than I was when I came here. Obviously, they have all the pieces with Aaron Rodgers, Garrett Wilson, my son's already like, 'I can't wait to meet Sauce' and all this stuff. I just look forward just to coming back and obviously finishing the business I didn't get to finish."

"Obviously being in Baltimore for two years and being a part of a winning culture, being able to be a sponge and soak that in and bring that back to here is vital to the success of this team."

Moses, 33, spent the 2021 season with the Green & White after being released by Washington after spending seven seasons there. He started in 16 of17 games for the Jets in 2021 in Saleh's first year as a head coach. He's excited to reunite with Saleh and the energy the coach brings to the locker room.

"I think I spent so much time in Washington and then coming here was a fresh breath of air," Moses said. "Just being in an energetic place with Coach Saleh , just running through the wall. As a player you liked that enthusiasm on the field, you like when your coach is out there running sprints with everybody, because that shows that he just cares about the players and he wants to be a part of it. He's not a guy that's bigger than anybody else. When you have that atmosphere, it's a winning and contagious atmosphere."

This season will mark Moses' 11th season in the NFL and his level of play continues to impress. For the past two seasons in Baltimore, Moses allowed an average time to pressure of 3.39 seconds in that span, which is the fourth-longest by a right tackle, according to Next Gen Stats. Moses thinks his skill set will be a perfect fit for the offensive line.

"I know that Aaron Rodgers gets the ball off in 2.2 seconds so that helps out a lot," Moses said. "This is going into Year 11 so I've been able to play a lot of football. I've been in pretty much every system that you can kind of think of and I like to tell myself that it's made me ready for any obstacle that comes in the future. I look forward to just learning. When you have that mindset of 'I can still learn and I don't have it all figured out,' that's the growth mindset of a player that's willing to get better. So I look forward to coming here, not knowing everything, learning from Aaron and learning from the guys that have been here."

As far as the business Moses didn't get to finish in 2021, he plans on finishing it this season.

"When I came here in 2021, I had just got released from Washington late in May or June and I was coming off an abductor repair surgery, so I wasn't really 100 percent," he said. "The one thing that I've always missed is running out that tunnel and hearing that Jets chant and seeing the diehard fans that come out there every day and give it all and all they want to do is have the opportunity to win. I just to be able to give that to them. Obviously, with Aaron Rodgers healthy, Breece Hall healthy and everybody back into the swing of things, man, I'm excited about it."

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