Articles - November 2009

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2009-11-01 Jets, Dolphins Heat It Up One More Time
2009-11-01 Become a Partner of the New York Jets Flight Crew Cheerleaders
2009-11-01 Unhappy Returns: Jets Fall to 'Fins, 30-25
2009-11-01 Jets-Dolphins Postgame Interviews
2009-11-02 No Special Day vs. Ginn, 'Fins at Meadowlands
2009-11-02 Sanchez's Monday News Conference
2009-11-02 Rex's Monday News Conference
2009-11-03 U2 Books July Concert Date at New Stadium
2009-11-03 The Pro Bowl Polls Are Now Open
2009-11-04 Coach of the Week: Robert Hampton, Lincoln
2009-11-04 Run's No. 1, Pass Game's a Work in Progress
2009-11-05 Jets Drop In on USS New York at Home
2009-11-05 Rutgers-Army Set for New Stadium in 2010
2009-11-06 How the Jets Stole Favre from the Bucs
2009-11-06 Big Games for the D, and It's Not Over Yet
2009-11-07 Special Teams Seek a Second-Half Crescendo
2009-11-09 Rex's Monday News Conference
2009-11-09 Jets Return with Renewed Vigor for 2nd Half
2009-11-11 Coach of the Week: Jim DeSarno, Westfield
2009-11-11 Help Fight Hunger at Food Drive on Sunday
2009-11-11 Off the Field at the Jets-Jaguars Game
2009-11-11 Rex's Wednesday News Conference
2009-11-11 Sanchez Celebrates His Birthday Sleevelessly
2009-11-11 Sanchez's Wednesday News Conference
2009-11-12 The Talk This Week: Jets' D vs. Jags' MJD
2009-11-12 Garay's New Team Feels Just Like Home
2009-11-12 Rex's Thursday News Conference
2009-11-12 The Coordinators' Corner
2009-11-13 Who'll Drink from the Hampton Cup on Sunday?
2009-11-13 Rex's Friday News Conference
2009-11-13 Players, Soldiers Admire Each Other's Teamwork
2009-11-15 Los Jags sacuden a los Jets en el último segundo, 24-22
2009-11-15 Jets Rise Up, Fall Back in 24-22 Loss to Jags
2009-11-15 Jets-Jaguars Postgame Interviews
2009-11-16 Defenders Search for Clues After Defeat
2009-11-16 Los Jets dejan libre al defensa Ahmad Carroll
2009-11-16 Jets Waive Carroll
2009-11-16 Los Jets fichan al apoyador Kenwin Cummings del pelotón de práctica
2009-11-16 LB Cummings Signed to Active Roster
2009-11-16 Tailgate Recipe of the Month
2009-11-16 Rex's Monday News Conference
2009-11-16 Los Jets anuncian cambio en el cuerpo técnico
2009-11-16 Jets Announce D-Line Coaching Change
2009-11-17 Edwards Examines the State of His Team
2009-11-17 WR Davis Returns on Practice Squad
2009-11-18 Coach of the Week: Frank Kean, Eldred
2009-11-18 Smith's Ready if Leonhard Can't Lend a Hand
2009-11-18 Sánchez: declaraciones del miércoles
2009-11-18 Sanchez's Wednesday News Conference
2009-11-18 Rex's Wednesday News Conference
2009-11-19 Lágrimas de esperanza: los Jets creen en símismos
2009-11-19 Big Game for Ellis, Big Opportunity for Jets
2009-11-19 Brick Delivers a Few Messages to Harrison HS
2009-11-19 Leon Says He's 'On Target' for 2010 Return
2009-11-19 The Coordinators' Corner
2009-11-19 Rex's Thursday News Conference
2009-11-20 Cummings Brings Can-Win Attitude to Roster
2009-11-20 Rex's Friday News Conference
2009-11-20 Practice Gives Leonhard Hope for Sunday
2009-11-22 Jets Have a Lot Riding on Rematch with Patriots
2009-11-22 Cinco errores de balón les cuestan la derrota a los Jets ante los Pats por 31-14
2009-11-22 First Half, 5 Turnovers Stop Jets at NE, 31-14
2009-11-23 Sánchez: declaraciones del domingo
2009-11-23 Jets-Patriots Postgame Interviews
2009-11-23 Revis Gives Another Big Effort vs. Moss
2009-11-23 Rex's Monday News Conference
2009-11-24 On Their Mark: Teammates Support the QB
2009-11-24 Mike & Mike, Jets Alumni at the Hard Rock
2009-11-24 Bring Toys for Tots to Sunday's Game
2009-11-24 Pregame Honor for 11 NFL PLAY 60 Kids
2009-11-25 Ryan dedicará más tiempo a Sánchez y el equipo ofensivo
2009-11-25 Off the Field at the Jets-Panthers Game
2009-11-25 Eric Smith sustituye a Rhodes como titular contra Carolina
2009-11-25 Smith Gets Start over Rhodes vs. Carolina
2009-11-25 Los Jets: declaraciones del miércoles
2009-11-25 Rex's Wednesday News Conference
2009-11-25 Sanchez's Wednesday News Conference
2009-11-26 Jets Set a Complete Thanksgiving Table
2009-11-27 The Coordinators' Corner
2009-11-27 Rex's Friday News Conference
2009-11-29 Los Jets dejan libre al defensa Justin Miller
2009-11-29 Revis' Next Matchup: Panthers' Steve Smith
2009-11-29 Sánchez y los Jets dominan la clave y derrotan a los Panthers, 17-6
2009-11-29 Revis, D Set Tone in Jets' 17-6 Carolina Conquest
2009-11-29 Ryan y Sánchez: declaraciones del domingo
2009-11-29 Jets-Panthers Postgame Interviews
2009-11-30 Smith, Rhodes Switch Roles, Post Big Games
2009-11-30 Sanchez Is Intent on Victory, not Revenge
2009-11-30 Rex's Monday News Conference
2009-11-30 Sánchez: declaraciones del lunes
2009-11-30 Sanchez's Monday News Conference