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Rex's Friday News Conference


Transcript of Jets head coach Rex Ryan's news conference following Friday's midday practice:p;   

Here's our injury update: Vernon Gholston will be listed as out. Vernon Gholston will not play. Jim Leonhard is questionable. He was limited in practice, but he was out there today. We had him go through individual drills to see how he felt and actually put him through some team things, but it's still questionable. We'll see how he feels in the training room and after. Like I said before, he's a tough kid, he really is a tough guy, and we'll see about it. The little cast doesn't look like anything. They have this lightweight stuff that's supposed to be very protective, so we'll see if he can go or not. Guys that are probable: Shaun Ellis, Brad Smith and Bryan Thomas. All those guys fully participated in practice and they're probable for the game. They will play this game.

On what he will ask Jim Leonhard after practice…

Does he think he can function? He knows the job description. You've got to be able to tackle. Obviously, he won't be able to catch — [Tom] Brady doesn't give you a whole lot of opportunities anyway. See if he can get off a block, strike people and be able to get off the block and tackle with it. And also seeing about the pain. We'll see how he is just doing the little things he did and if he really thinks it's something we should look at.

On if Leonhard will be completely honest about his injury or will want to play regardless…

He'll definitely want to be out there, there is no doubt about that, but he also knows how important this game is. If he doesn't think that he can play and isn't up to it, then he knows what we need and he will be honest. Again, I would not be shocked to see him out there.

On how important the game is this Sunday…

This one is not important at all [laughter]. I've totally flipped my thinking. There are tons of games left. This one doesn't mean a whole lot. That's our story [smiling]. I'm going to turn around and put my hat on backwards [laughter]. Let's go to work. We'll try anything. The great thing is we have an opportunity right here. If we win this game, the fact is we're one game behind the lead in our division, so we'll see. There will be six games left to make up that one game.

On if the Patriots will be fired up Sunday after coming off their one-point loss to the Colts…

I think so. There is some of that emotion and you want to right the ship, but I've got news for them. We've lost five of six. What kind of mood do you think we're going to be in? Both teams will be angry.

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