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The New YorkHER Podcast (S3E5): A Conversation with NFL Executive Dawn Aponte

Nov 17, 2022

Host Caroline Hendershot is joined by NFL Chief Football Administrative Officer Dawn Aponte. They kick off the podcast talking about Aponte's current position in the League office (0:22) and how it changes in season and off season (2:26). Aponte also talks about beginning her career with the Jets and the evolution of her roles (3:31), especially her role as a salary cap assistant (4:52). Aponte discusses the impact of the mentors she has had along the way including Mike Tannenbaum, Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells (7:10). The two then talk about working and succeeding in a male-dominated environment (9:29). Aponte highlights the pivotal moments in her career (10:33). Hendershot also asks Aponte about the challenges and surprises of the job (18:16). Lastly, the two discuss the excitement surrounding the Jets and the NFL as a whole this season (20:00).