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The New YorkHER Podcast

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The New YorkHER Podcast (S3E1): A Conversation with CBS Sports Reporter Tracy Wolfson

Sep 14, 2022

Host Caroline Hendershot kicks off a new season of The New YorkHER podcast featuring a conversation with CBS Lead NFL Reporter Tracy Wolfson that they had leading up to the 2022 NFL season. Hendershot shares how she and Wolfson met and started their mentorship through a CBS immersion experience (0:46). They both reflect on their experiences at their alma mater Michigan and breaking into the business (6:31). Wolfson also explains her journey and obstacles from a journalism student to the lead CBS reporter (8:01). Then, they discuss the self-perseverance necessary to succeed (12:32) and they also discuss the path of women in sports (13:45). Wolfson shares a story about a big lesson she learned early in her career while reporting at the US Open (18:33). Wolfson then talks about her CBS broadcast team featuring Tony Romo and Jim Nantz, and they also recall Romo's amusing pre-show tradition of singing (25:09). Lastly, Hendershot asks Wolfson about her opinion on this year's Jets, from a reporter's perspective, and as a fan herself – Wolfson believes they're on the rise (28:18).