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The New YorkHER Podcast

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The New YorkHER Podcast: Ep. 17 with MJ Acosta-Ruiz

Mar 22, 2021

Host Olivia Landis welcomes the host of NFL Network's NFL Total Access, MJ Acosta-Ruiz to the New YorkHER podcast. Landis and Acosta-Ruiz discuss how her father's professional basketball career in the Dominican Republic influenced her love for sports. Acosta-Ruiz talks about spending time as child in the Dominican Republic, New York and Miami and how each place played a role in her life. She talks about her goals of owning her own dance studio and her love for dance growing up. Acosta-Ruiz describes her experience working as a full-time television reporter while being a Miami Dolphins cheerleader. Finally, Landis and Acosta-Ruiz discuss advice and guiding principles for success in the sports industry.