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The New YorkHER Podcast

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The New YorkHER Podcast (S3E2): A Conversation with TikTok Star Kate Norkeliunas

Sep 28, 2022

Host Caroline Hendershot is joined in studio by social media influencer and TikTok star Kate Norkeliunas. They kick things off by talking about Norkeliunas' identity as an influencer and her journey to TikTok (0:17). She highlights how food culture and connection has been a strong influence in her content (3:41). The two also discuss the evolution of social media and what it means to be a role model in today's society (5:53), as well as the passion and fun of connecting with the public (8:18). Hendershot and Norkeliunas explore the pressures of social media (10:52), but also the balance that Norkeliunas tries to have in keeping her content true to herself; as well as follower attraction to real and relatable content (12:04). She also recalls taking the jump to quit her job in the fashion industry and pursue content creation full-time (18:05) and how the New York State of Mind is motivational to her brand (20:30). Lastly, they talk about the loyalty, excitement, and passion of being a Jets fan (22:30) and the fun of football being for everyone (24:12).