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The New YorkHER Podcast (S3E3): A Conversation with NJ High School Girls Flag Football Coaches

Oct 12, 2022

Host Caroline Hendershot is joined in studio by New Jersey high school girls flag football coaches Dr. Simone Edwards and Mia Brickhouse (Hawthorne High School). They kick off the podcast talking about their various accolades as football players and multi-sport athletes and how their path brought them to coaching (00:17). The ladies also speak about what it's like to break the mold as women in football (4:43), and they reminisce on their best memories of playing football and their biggest accomplishments (8:25). The coaches explain the process of how the Hawthorne High School girls flag football team was assembled (12:00) and the challenges of teaching flag football and coaching the details of the game (14:10). The group also talks about the courage it takes to step into a coaching role and their favorite moments from the spring season (18:58). Finally, they talk about the impact of the participation in their team and they look forward to the upcoming season of flag football (21:30).