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Longest Tenured Current Jet Thomas Hennessy Says It Was a 'No-Brainer' to Return

Long Snapper Has Played in 98 Consecutive Games for the Green & White


Jets long snapper Thomas Hennessy signed a four-year extension with the Jets making him the longest-tenured Jet as he enters his seventh season with the Green & White.

"It feels amazing," Hennessy said about his new deal. "On my part, it was a no-brainer. I love being here. I love being a New York Jet. I've really enjoyed my time here the past six years, and I'm really excited for the future here. It's a really exciting time in Jets' history and I'm really excited to focus on 2023."

Hennessy originally signed with the Colts after being an undrafted free agent out of Duke in 2017. He was traded to the Jets at the beginning of training camp in 2017 and was able to remain a staple of the team during the tenure of three head coaches.

"It's definitely emotional because there have been ups and downs," Hennessy said about what it means to be the longest-tenured player. "I was traded here from the Colts, and then got here and didn't know what to expect. I've built an incredible relationship with so many people in the building. Brant Boyer, our special teams coach, has been here my entire time and he's meant so much to helping unlock my potential, help me realize my potential as a long snapper in the NFL, and develop my career. I've had great teammates, I've had my wife, my family, and my agent support me. It's been quite a journey to get here."

Hennessy has played 98 consecutive games for the Jets and totaled 20 tackles while on special teams. As far as his consistency over the last 6 years, Hennessy attributes it to fulfilling the characteristics of a long snapper.

"The important traits for a long snapper are being consistent, reliable, dependable, and I feel like I've demonstrated those over the past six years," he said. "Being the longest tenured Jet is a reflection of that and signing an extension for four more years is a reflection of that as well. So, it means a lot and it means that I'm doing my job and I just want to keep focusing and doing a great job every day."

Hennessy was entering his fifth season in 2021 when Robert Saleh was named the Jets head coach. The biggest differences Hennessy has seen during his time with the Jets is the passion and determination of the current coaching staff.

"Since this front office and head coach have been here, I would just say how intentional Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas are with their decisions about building and bringing in the right people to build a culture here," Hennessy said. "Every player they bring in is brought in for a very specific reason, whether it's for veteran leadership or talented youth. Every move is very calculated and intentional. I think that's what winning organizations do, and I'm really excited to be a part of it going forward.

While Hennessy has not appeared in a playoff game with the Jets, he thinks the addition of QB Aaron Rodgers sets a new standard.

"I'm really excited for what [Rodgers] can bring to the to this football team, how we can build around him, and build a winning football team in 2023," Hennessy said. "There is no ceiling for this team. A Super Bowl is definitely on our on our minds and there's no limit to what we can accomplish. It's about being mindful, being present, attacking every day to get better, and then we'll have a good result."

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