Videos - December 2013

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2013-12-01 Players Excited to Be Home
2013-12-01 Jets Take the Field Against Miami
2013-12-01 Antonio Cromartie Interception
2013-12-01 Goal Line Stand
2013-12-01 Chris Ivory 32-Yard Rush
2013-12-01 Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker 4th TD reception
2013-12-01 Week 13 : Dolphins vs Jets Highlights
2013-12-01 Jets Postgame Press Conference
2013-12-02 Demario Davis: 'We Gotta Find a Way to Execute'
2013-12-02 A Year Later, Jets QB Picture Fuzzy
2013-12-02 Rex: Geno's 'Our Best Shot'
2013-12-03 Isaiah Trufant Gives Thanks By Giving Back
2013-12-03 Jets Walk vs. Dolphins
2013-12-03 Monster Moment of the Game: Miami
2013-12-03 Geno Smith: 'Nobody's Job is Certain'
2013-12-03 Matt Simms: 'Geno Is The Man'
2013-12-03 David Garrard: 'Everything Is Status Quo'
2013-12-03 Happy Holidays from the New York Jets
2013-12-04 Rex: Today Was 'Best Offensive Practice' Yet
2013-12-04 Geno Smith: 'Guys Want to Turn Things Around'
2013-12-05 Does Geno Smith have any confidence left?
2013-12-05 Jets vs. Raiders Game Preview
2013-12-05 Colon: 'It's Important That We Finish Strong'
2013-12-05 Dawan Landry: 'It's Been a Roller Coaster'
2013-12-05 Kotwica 12/05 News Conference
2013-12-05 Mornhinweg 12/05 News Conference
2013-12-05 Thurman 12/05 News Conference
2013-12-05 Ed Reed: 'This Is A Team Sport'
2013-12-05 Darius Reynaud: 'I'm Excited to be Here'
2013-12-06 SNY: Jets Extra Point - Antonio Cromartie
2013-12-06 Josh Bush Flows to His Own Beat
2013-12-06 Nick Folk: 'I Just Want to Win'
2013-12-06 Chris Ivory: 'It Allows For More Explosive Plays'
2013-12-08 Ed Reed Interception
2013-12-08 #OAKvsNYJ Jets Walk
2013-12-08 Santonio Holmes 32-yard Reception
2013-12-08 Jets Take the Field
2013-12-08 Jeremy Kerley 25-yard TD Catch
2013-12-08 Antonio Allen Punt Block
2013-12-08 Jets Postgame Press Conference
2013-12-08 Geno Smith 8-yard TD Run
2013-12-08 Chris Ivory 15-yard TD Run
2013-12-08 Week 14: Raiders vs. Jets highlights
2013-12-08 D'Brickashaw Ferguson: 'Geno Did a Phenomenal Job'
2013-12-08 Ed Reed: 'Awesome Feeling to Win'
2013-12-08 EXCLUSIVE: Rex’s Postgame Locker Room Speech
2013-12-09 Week 14 MetLife ICDT: 9/11 Remembrance Game
2013-12-09 Santonio Holmes: 'We All Kept Believing'
2013-12-09 Ed Reed: 'Awesome Feeling to Win'
2013-12-09 Jets vs. Raiders Game Review
2013-12-10 Rex: 'Kerley's an Excellent Player'
2013-12-10 Geno Smith: 'The Spirits are Higher'
2013-12-10 Sights and Sound vs. Raiders
2013-12-10 Monster Moment of the Game: Raiders
2013-12-11 Inside Pregame at Jets vs. Raiders
2013-12-11 Greg Buttle: 'You Get Confidence In Winning'
2013-12-11 Rex: "For Us, It's All About This Game"
2013-12-11 Pace: 'It's Impressive to Watch Them on Film'
2013-12-12 QB Geno Smith's Up and Down Year
2013-12-12 Jets vs. Panthers Game Preview
2013-12-13 12/12 Kotwica News Conference
2013-12-13 12/12 Mornhinweg News Conference
2013-12-13 12/12 Thurman News Conference
2013-12-13 Special Teams Share Their Special Holiday Decor
2013-12-13 Part 2: Sheldon Richardson: 'I Just Want to Win'
2013-12-13 Chris Ivory Packs a Punch
2013-12-13 Hill: 'Didn't Think it Was Going to End Like This'
2013-12-14 Powell: 'When Were Healthy, It's Hard To Stop Us'
2013-12-14 GenJets Gameday Reporter Amiri w/ Chad Pennington
2013-12-15 Demario Davis Pregame Speech
2013-12-15 Jets Board the Bus to the Stadium
2013-12-15 Jets Take the Field in Carolina
2013-12-15 Chris Ivory 35-yard run
2013-12-15 Jeff Cumberland 35-yard Catch
2013-12-15 Sheldon Richardson 1-yard TD Run
2013-12-15 Jeff Cumberland 8-yard TD Reception
2013-12-15 Jets Postgame Press Conference
2013-12-15 Week 15: Jets vs. Panthers Highlights
2013-12-16 SNY: Postgame Interview - Nick Mangold
2013-12-16 Week 15 MetLife ICDT: Wilkerson 1st Sack Safety
2013-12-16 Jets Done In by a Trifecta of Mistakes
2013-12-16 Cromartie: 'We Don't Want To Go 6 and 10 Again'
2013-12-17 Nick Mangold: 'Two More Chances to Right the Ship'
2013-12-17 Monster Moment of the Game: Carolina
2013-12-18 Welcome Home Willie Colon!
2013-12-18 Wayne Chrebet: 'Hopefully They Can Finish Strong'
2013-12-18 Cromartie: 'Better to End on a Winning Note'
2013-12-19 Is New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan fighting for his job?
2013-12-19 Jets Creating a Homefield Edge
2013-12-19 Wilkerson: 'We Didn't Sign Up for 14 Games'
2013-12-19 12/19 Kotwica News Conference
2013-12-19 12/19 Mornhinweg News Conference
2013-12-19 12/19 Thurman News Conference
2013-12-19 REX: We'll See Where We Finish
2013-12-20 Calvin Pace: 'I'd Like To End My Career A Jet'
2013-12-20 The MetLife Stadium Gameday Experience
2013-12-20 REX: We've Got to Do a Great Job of Tackling
2013-12-21 Winslow: 'This Could Be My Last Home Game Ever'
2013-12-22 Jets vs. Browns: Player Walk
2013-12-22 Smith 17-yard TD Run
2013-12-22 Jets Take the Field
2013-12-22 Winslow Hurdles Defender
2013-12-22 Nelson 6-yard TD Catch
2013-12-22 Dee Milliner Interception
2013-12-22 Nelson's Second 6-yard Touchdown
2013-12-22 Safety Ed Reed Interception
2013-12-22 Week 16: Browns vs. Jets Highlights
2013-12-22 Jets Postgame Press Conference
2013-12-22 EXCLUSIVE: Rex’s Postgame Locker Room Speech
2013-12-22 David Nelson: 'Guys Continued to Fight'
2013-12-22 Thank YOU Jets Nation
2013-12-22 Dee Milliner: 'It Felt Great'
2013-12-23 Ferguson: 'We Are Playing For Each Other'
2013-12-23 Calvin Pace: 'Rex is the Guy'
2013-12-23 Jets Continue to Climb with a Comeback
2013-12-24 Sights and Sounds vs. Browns
2013-12-24 Monster Moment of the Game: Browns
2013-12-24 Douzable Sack Dance
2013-12-24 REX: I See Us Making Strides on the Road
2013-12-24 Nick Folk: 'We Have a Good Nucleus of Guys'
2013-12-26 Eric Allen: Jets Have a Big Game Ahead of Them
2013-12-26 Rex Ryan: 'Our Guys are Going to Play Well'
2013-12-26 12/26 Kotwica News Conference
2013-12-26 12/26 Thurman News Conference
2013-12-26 Geno Smith: 'Hopefully We Return the Favor'
2013-12-27 Rex Ryan Takes the South Florida Spotlight
2013-12-27 Rex Ryan: 'It Will Be a Great Test to Us'
2013-12-28 Testaverde: Geno 'Has All the Physical Tools'
2013-12-28 GenJets Gameday Reporter Amiri w/ Vinny Testaverde
2013-12-28 Rachel Feinstein Gives Pre-Game Advice to Jets
2013-12-29 Dee Milliner Intercepts Ryan Tannehill
2013-12-29 David Nelson 24-yard Catch
2013-12-29 Jets Take the Field in Miami
2013-12-29 DT Sheldon Richardson 1-yard TD Run
2013-12-29 QB Geno Smith 7-yard TD Run
2013-12-29 Bilal Powell Throws to TE Jeff Cumberland
2013-12-29 Ed Reed Pick Off Ryan Tannehill
2013-12-29 Week 17: Jets vs. Dolphins highlights
2013-12-29 EXCLUSIVE: Rex's Postgame Locker Room Speech
2013-12-29 Rex Ryan Postgame Press Conference
2013-12-30 EXCLUSIVE: Idzik 'We Are Resilient'
2013-12-30 EXCLUSIVE: Woody 'Rex is the Coach'
2013-12-30 Jets Locker Room Exclusive - Rex Retained as Coach
2013-12-30 Davis: 'We Love Rex'
2013-12-30 Week 17 MetLife ICDT: Richardson Rushing TD
2013-12-30 Geno Smith: 'We're Just Gonna Keep Getting Better'
2013-12-31 John Idzik: 'It's Been Quite a Ride'
2013-12-31 Idzik & Ryan: 'We Will Ascend'