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Jets to Wear All-White Uniforms vs. Bills

New York’s AFC Representative to Honor the Color Rush Initiative with More White, Accents Will Remain Hunter Green


While the Jets are scheduled to have their first official whiteout when they host the Seattle Seahawks in Week 4, the team will don all-white uniforms Thursday night when they collide with the Bills in Western New York.

There has been plenty of confusion surrounding the Jets' uniforms because the NFL's Color Rush initiative will commence in Week 2. The host Bills will don the same all-red look they sported at MetLife Stadium last year in Week 10, but the NFL instructed the Jets to shelve the kelly green uniforms they wore in that matchup. Unfortunately a small portion of viewers who are color-blind couldn't tell the Jets and the Bills apart in that game. And after the league consulted with independent medical experts this offseason, they determined a repeat production would once again cause problems. So the Bills, being the home club this time around, will stick with the red and the Jets, playing their first road game of 2016, will be covered in white from head to toe.

"In the spirit of participating in the program, we have tried to do some things to honor the initiative —  the white facemask, the white gloves, the white shoes and the white socks with no stripes," said Chris Pierce, the team's senior director of fan commerce.

Images of the 2016 Color Rush Helmets and Cleats

There has been a lot of misinformation on social media about the Jets having kelly green accents on their jerseys this week.

"The white jerseys did not have any changes to it, the white pants did not have any changes to it," Pierce said. "This is our normal white jersey and white pants, so the numbers and the letters are our dark hunter green. They are not the Color Rush green."

Since this is the NFL's Thursday night initiative and the Jets won't play any additional Thursday games in 2016, the team will not wear kelly green uniforms at all this season. The organization attempted to honor the initiative with more white and they should be back in kelly green for a Color Rush game in the 2017 campaign.

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