View the Jets Flight Crew Before the Big Debut


Moments before the Jets and the Patriots kick off the regular season at the Meadowlands on Sunday, the New York Jets' Flight Crew will run out of the west-end tunnel wearing their new uniforms. The 10-member crew, a unique flagcarrier/dance team, privately unveiled the uniforms at a recent photo shoot.

"This is their first real photo shoot and its going great. The girls have been very cooperative," said team photographer Al Pereira last week at the Long Island Marriott. "They have done a great job and are so excited to be part of the Jets. It's fun because we are getting a little preview of the new uniform and some of the dance steps."

The reason behind the photo shoot was twofold.

First, the club was putting together a 60-second "Crew" introduction video to use before games. The thought was to film the girls behind the scenes getting ready, and then show them dancing collectively and posing individually. A videographer was also present in the hotel's Starlight Room to capture video, so the finished product is going to be a mixed-media package.

And second, we wanted to provide you, our loyal visitors, with a few slides of the young ladies in their uniforms.

The outfits consist of a green top with a Jets logo at the center of the chest, white stripes by the shoulder with rhinestones, and white shorts with the green letters J-E-T-S stitched on the back. The white high-heel boots are already an in-house favorite.

"I love 'em. We saw them before today," Meredith said after posing for a few dozen individual shots. "We tried them on to get our measurements. I love the boots, I love the shorts and I love the rhinestones. They're really nice."

"I love them," Gina added. "It's nice we are actually in real uniforms. You feel like you are really an NFL team now."

The crew members were minus their leader at their inaugural shoot. Denise Garvey, in her first year as flag choreographer, was overseas on her honeymoon but is now back stateside days before the regular season commences.

"It's been like two practices for the real day," Gina said of the Flight Crew's two preseason home appearances. "Now it's going to be official. We are going to be in our uniforms, we know what to expect, and we're ready."

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