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Three Blogs from Heaven, a.k.a. Aruba

The New York Jets  Flight Crew and entourage is back stateside after their outstanding week of photo shoots in Aruba for the third annual Flight Crew Calendar. We'll catch up on all the members' blogs this week. Here are three blogs for you today from Roselinda, Jessika V. and Amanda P. Enjoy.

ROSELINDA: A Trip of a Lifetime

Hey, Jets Fans, it's Roselinda! We've had such an awesome time with photo shoots down here in Aruba, and it's been such a wonderful experience so far! The hospitality of the hotel staff and our camera crew has been so helpful throughout the entire week. They definitely have worked really hard in the whole process of our shoot, and we owe some of our success to them.

Throughout our time here, everyone has been so accommodating, generous and pleasant and it's made this trip even that more exciting!! I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to shoot for the calendar, go on a trip of a lifetime, and make lots of friends along the way!


JESSIKA V.: Bonding Time for Rookies, Vets

Hey, Jets fans, it's Jessika V.! I am so excited to be back! Not only were auditions great but now I'm here in Aruba for our 2012 calendar shoot.

I had the last day of individual shots today so I was able to explore this breathtaking island. The beach is where I spent most of my time — I can't get away. The ocean is crystal clear, the sand is incredibly soft, and the sun is always out. What's also great is that there's a constant breeze day and night. My hair also loves it here!

Jessica S., Amanda P., Donna Marie, Alyse, Meredith J., Sam C. and I all went tubing. We were holding on for dear life!

It's such a great time for all rookies and veterans to bond. The cameras are always out and so are the smiles. Whenever we have down time we have also been sitting under the huts to read, study or listen to our iPods. Actually I'm writing to you now from my beach chair :).

Aruba is definitely a spot to get away! I am in heaven and the people here are making the experience that much better. Hope you all enjoyed a little of part of my trip. See you on the sidelines!

Go Gang Green — XOXO

—Jessika V.

AMANDA P.: Time Out for Shopping, Dining

Hey, Jets fans! We are having such an amazing time here in Aruba. Today was my shoot so I was up bright and early getting ready. I shot at a beautiful location called The Ruins. It was an amazing morning.

Once I got back to the hotel I got the chance to go to the shops and get some lunch with Ryann, Jessica S., Gina and Katie. We got some great Aruba souvenirs for ourselves and our families. We also had some sandwiches at a great little restaurant called Salt & Pepper. The food there was so good, and we were so excited to go to a local Aruba restaurant.

Tonight we have our fourth dinner together here, so we all are currently getting ready for that. Tomorrow will be more shooting for our amazing 2012 calendar. We all can't wait to see how it turns out! 

See you on the field.

—Amanda P.

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