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SARA: Here's a Checklist for Auditions

Hi, Jets Fans! It's Sara from the New York Jets Flight Crew.

I had an incredible rookie season this past year and I'm looking forward to this year's Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader auditions!

Are you considering auditioning to become a Flight Crew Cheerleader this year? If so, here are a few tips on what you can do to best prepare yourself for the upcoming auditions.

Attend the Prep Classes

Several Jets Flight Crew prep classes are offered in New York City, New Jersey and Long Island. I would highly recommend going to one or more of these classes. It's a great opportunity to learn our style of dance and also ask any questions that you have about the Flight Crew Cheerleaders and our audition process. You can click here for a list of dates and locations.

Exercise and Cardio

Being a Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader, it is very important to be in great physical shape and have excellent endurance since we are dancing on the sidelines the entire game. Cardio such as running or dancing is a great way to increase stamina. Weight training helps with toning and strength. Create your own workout plan and track your progress in a journal or using a fitness application on your phone or iPod.

Take Dance Classes and Stretch

In preparation for auditions, it's a good idea to take dance classes and to stretch daily. If you advance to the semifinal round, you will be learning a dance routine and a kick sequence. Taking a dance class will help you pick up choreography faster and increase your flexibility. In addition, I would also suggest stretching on your own daily, whether it's at the gym after a workout or when you are at home watching TV in your living room.

Fuel and Hydrate Your Body

Make sure that you are choosing healthy food options, including lean protein, vegetables and fruits, that will help fuel your body during your workouts and dance classes. Also be sure that you are drinking enough water during exercise and throughout the day.

Practice Your Audition Look

The Jets Flight Crew audition requires you to get glammed up by coming with your hair styled and performance makeup on. The attire for auditions is a fitness tank top, dance shorts, beige tights and dance shoes or sneakers. Try different hairstyles and makeup and practice dancing in your audition outfit to make sure you will feel comfortable and confident during auditions.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Auditioning and becoming a Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader has been an amazing experience for me. See you at the 2011 auditions!


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