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SAMANTHA: Here Comes the Show Team!

There is so much that goes into being a Flight Crew Cheerleader. To me the most important is knowing how to dance and perform. Most of our squad are trained professional dancers who have been taking dance classes since the age of two. During a football game, it is hard to showcase all of the talent that this team has.

This year, the Flight Crew has something new to bring to gameday — our New York Show Team. It is with great pride to say I am part of the Show Team. The Show Team is a group of 12 select Flight Crew Cheerleaders. We perform a five-minute routine that will show all the fans a different side of the Flight Crew. During the game you really do not get to see all we are capable of.

This incredible idea was developed by our director, Denise Garvey. The Show Team will do appearance performances in addition to performing before every game on the Verizon stage in MetLife Stadium.

It is such a great honor and a privilege to be chosen as one of the cheerleaders for the Show Team. We love dancing for all you Jets fans, and now we get to show you what the Flight Crew Cheerleaders were born to do: ENTERTAIN!!!

The music starts off with a mix of Broadway and hip-hop songs representing New York, created by Denise and one of our very own Flight Crew members, Amanda P. With the music set, we took it from there. Every cheerleader who is part of the Show Team contributed her ideas. With each of us adding our different styles and technique to this dance, it really complements us all as dancers.

We worked on this as a group. For three rehearsals, we choreographed and cleaned this routine. Before we knew it we were out on the stage to perform for the very first time. Not only is the choreography and dancing a special part of this performance, but having new a costume makes it perfect. We start off the routine wearing a green leotard, which are Flight Crew-stylized to give us that Broadway look. We then change to our white suits that give us our more hip-hop vibe.

Opening day was our first performance. It was so exciting. I think dress rehearsal was even more exciting for us. We danced for our teammates who were seeing our routine for the very first time and they were just as excited as we were. Their support meant the world to me. Being a Flight Crew Cheerleader itself is so rewarding, and now being able to represent our squad as part of the Show Team is incredible. This is such a memorable experience and an honor I will never forget.

I hope all you Jets fans come to see our New York Show Team perform at the next game. I hope you enjoy the performance just as much as we do.

Lets Go Jets!!!


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