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RYANN: Making Strides with Your Health

Hey, Jets fans, its Ryann from the New York Jets Flight Crew. What a great finish to the Jets' regular season on Sunday!!! As always the Jets promise to deliver an exciting, fun-packed game, and Sunday was proof of that!!

New Year's is a time of reflection and change. What better to way to start the new year than to improve your health? Small changes in your daily routine can improve your health, improve your state of mind, and leave you looking fantastic for the New Year!

One thing you can do today which will make a huge difference in your body and your cardiovascular health is to lace up your sneakers and walk around the block one or two times. Each day you can increase your distance and before you know it ... you have more energy, you've slimmed down and you will begin to enjoy your time of exercise! All because you choose to walk around the block one time!

Perhaps you're not much on walking but a good Latin beat will get you going?

Check out a "Zumba" class, dance yourself into better health and fitness, and enjoy a great cardiovascular workout! Remember, you do not have to spend hours in a gym to improve your level of fitness and health. Exercise should be fun and when you enjoy what you do ... you'll do it more! Cheers to a happy and healthy new year!

See you on the sidelines, Jets fans!


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