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Revis Rehab: Nothing Crazy, Just Slow & Steady

Jets' Pro Bowl CB Says There's Wrist Soreness but no Setbacks As He Works Toward Full Return


As Darrelle Revis put it today, "It's been just a wacky offseason."

Specifically the Jets' Pro Bowl corner was talking about others' contracts that he was asked about. First Muhammad Wilkerson signed, and Revis said he texted him as soon as he heard with congratulations. "He's worked his butt off since he came in here as a rookie, he's definitely made strides as a player and become one of the top defensive linemen in the league. He's definitely deserving."

And shortly after that, on Wednesday night, Ryan Fitzpatrick signed on for 2016. That contract, Revis said, "was surprising. But I could tell a lot of guys had smiles on their faces because Fitz was back. ... It's good. We're happy to have him back."

The most important news for Revis fans, though, is when he'll return to practice, and that timeline has not been wacky as much as it's been slow but steady toward getting him and his post-surgical wrist back in pads.

"There's always going to be some soreness coming back from surgery, but there's definitely no setbacks," Revis told reporters under the Jets training camp media tent following today's second practice of camp. "I ice it, I'm doing the exercises and everything they have me doing. But at the same time there's been no swelling or anything like that. [Head trainer John] Mellody says that's a good sign."

So no hard and fast calendar for No. 24's full return, just going out to practice and participating in his exercises and some drills (individuals only, no team work).

"He's been running, he's been in meetings, he's been doing all the drills," coach Todd Bowles said today. "You don't know until you really hit somebody, so I'll just listen to the trainers and listen to him and put him out there when he's ready."

Did Bowles have any concern about Revis being ready for Sept. 11 — opening day against the Bengals? "I don't think so," the coach said. Then Revis was asked if by that date he'll be good as new, Revis Island of old. He wasn't rising to that bait, instead turning the question into a team assessment.

"I've been the same guy since day one," he said. "There's never been any setbacks or anything. It's a new year, we're trying to build on the team that we had last year. It's the second day of practice. We'll see how it goes. As a team we feel very confident, we feel very good with where we're at."

And the hope is that when Revis is full-go, the wackiness will continue on into the regular season.

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