Nicole Off and Running After Hawaii Touch-down


For the sixth straight year, the New York Jets Flight Crew has sent a cheerleader to join the cheer squad at the NFL Pro Bowl. This year's Flight Crew representative is Nicole and she has filed her first blog and photo after flying for much of the day Monday from New Jersey to Honolulu:

Aloha, Jets fans!

I arrived in breathtaking Hawaii last night, a far trip from chilly New York, but the scenery here on the island is well worth it.

I was greeted by all of my Pro Bowl sisters when I arrived and I was so excited to find out my roommate is Vanessa with the Arizona Cardinals! We actually met a few weeks ago at a captains' lunch in NYC the weekend of the Jets-Cardinals game. We are both thrilled to share a room together!

Today we were up bright and early for our team photo shoot, then it's  right to work as we have lots of material to prepare for Sunday's game.

I  am honored to be here representing the Flight Crew cheerleaders, spreading my love and pride for the Jets halfway across the world!

Stay tuned for more updates on my incredible journey. Go Jets!


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