NICOLE: Exciting New Season of Cheer Begins


As free agency is buzzing and the draft is quickly approaching, the Flight Crew Cheerleaders have officially wrapped another tremendous season. From events to charity work, and of course our action-packed gamedays, we had a very busy but remarkable 2012 season. The Flight Crew is an established, reputable team with tradition, class and astounding work ethic.

And we are so motivated for next year — 2013 is going to be one of the most exciting years yet!

Being an NFL Cheerleader is already adrenaline-charged, but to experience the atmosphere of a hometown Super Bowl will be exhilarating. Just performing on a team in the New York City area alone provides a platform unimaginable, so having the big game at MetLife Stadium is sure to light up the city!

It is officially audition season and thousands of girls across the country are gearing up for a spot on one of the NFL's glamorous cheerleading squads. For me and my teammates at the Jets, it is more than just a spot on a team. It's being part of a legacy, a tradition so strong and so big that it's something you are thankful for each and every day.

During Alumni Weekend this year, it became even clearer how unbelievable this journey has really been. To see faces from the foundation of the organization and see what has been built by our director, Denise Garvey, along the way is empowering. Once you are a FC cheerleader, there is something that changes you on the inside forever, and each girl to wear our wings shares that indescribable feeling.

I enjoy filling you in on what goes on beyond the sidelines, and moving forward into next year, there's no telling what's in store!

Stay tuned. Both the New York Jets and the Jets Flight Crew have a fresh new season ahead for our dedicated fans.

Here's to 2013! Go JETS!



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