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NICOLE: Don't Stop Believing

Hey, Jets fans! Despite falling short in Chicago this past weekend, it's easy to sleep with playoffs on our minds!

There have been a few bumps in the road getting here, but the games we've dominated along the way have now guaranteed our spot.

The Steelers win last week was crucial. After a tough two weeks our team went back to the fundamentals, put an intricate game plan together and proved they've got what it takes. Same old Jets? Not any more. Our team went into Pittsburgh, stood toe to toe with the first-place Steelers for four grueling quarters and in the end came away with their biggest win of the season.

Rex Ryan led the Jets through a thrilling game that came down to the final play. Brad Smith opened the game in stunning fashion by taking the opening kickoff 97 yards for a touchdown. At this point, I had to watch the game standing up!

Jason Taylor and the Jets D extended the lead late in the fourth as they stopped Steelers RB Mewelde Moore in the end zone for a safety. As Big Ben Roethlisberger's final pass attempt fell harmlessly to the turf, the players celebrated an improbable victory against one of the league's best.

The Jets' ability to win road games in tough weather conditions is sure to come in handy as they continue to ground and pound their way into the playoffs. They showed they were comfortable on the road in the regular season with a 6-2 record.

This is a very dangerous part of the season, and many of us Jets fanatics find ourselves rooting for teams that we never thought we'd root for, just to help get our spot in the postseason. I have some friends on the Redskins cheerleading squad and late Sunday for the first time, we were cheering for the same team! Lets not get it twisted because the 'Skins' win may have guaranteed our spot, but our victories along the way are what got us here.

The players need us to keep the faith to help push through this last phase of the season. The loss against the Bears was unfortunate, but the way Sanchez and our offense played just goes to show we have the ability to really light up that scoreboard. I think it's important that our team earns the respect that they deserve.

Although our destiny lies in the hands of our players, we as cheerleaders and you as fans have a responsibility as well. Let's stand behind our team and our organization with unwavering support through enthusiasm and positivity. Facing off against the Bills this Sunday after two weeks away, I can't wait to get back onto that field!

See you on the sidelines, GO Jets!

—Love, Nicole

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