More on Sheldon Richardson's Touchdown Run

Sheldon Richardson has been in on four plays on offense this year and touchdowns were scored on three of them (or on all four if you count Richardson's first carry at Carolina, which the officials didn't.) The other TDs were Kellen Winslow's end zone catch @ ATL and Chris Ivory's fourth-and-goal TD run @ BUF.

Rich Cimini of did the legwork to determine that Richardson is the first defensive lineman in franchise history to score a scrimmage touchdown. Here are a few more nuggets:

Sheldon's the first NFL D-lineman in more than two years to run for a TD. Last: DT B.J. Raji for Green Bay against Tampa Bay on Nov. 20, 2011. Richardson's also only the third D-lineman to rush for a TD since 1994.

He's also only the second or third defensive player in Jets history to score a scrimmage TD. It depends on if you consider Bobby Humphery a career CB, even though he came to the Jets in 1984 as a WR and caught a 44-yard pass from Pat Ryan in a 28-7 home win over Kansas City that year.

The other defensive player was Marcus Coleman, on a 45-yard first-half Hail Mary from Vinny Testaverde in the 27-14 home triumph over Buffalo in 2000.

So we can further say that Sheldon Richardson is the first defensive player in franchise history to score a scrimmage touchdown on the road.

And we can speculate on how many times in the future we'll see big No. 91 lining up at third TE or fullback and getting ready to find pay dirt again and again.

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