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More Island Postcards from the Flight Crew

The New York Jets Flight Crew and entourage are all back stateside after their outstanding week of photo shoots in Aruba for the third annual Flight Crew Calendar. We'll catch up on all the members' blogs this week. Here are three more blogs for you today, from Katie, Jessica S. and Meredith.

KATIE: A New Kind of YouTube

Hi, Jets fans, this is Katie writing to you from the wonderful island of Aruba. We landed on Monday and since I've stepped foot on the island I've been having the time of my life. Everyone on the island is so welcoming and kind to all of us — it makes us feel right at home! I've done so many exciting things including the shoot for the 2012 calendar. I cannot wait to see the finished product.

There are many fun activities to do on the island, but my favorite was tubing. Today my roommate, Amanda — who has become a big sister to me — and I went to the beach and had an exciting tubing experience. A tube was tied to the back of a boat and they drove us around the ocean for a half hour. From far away it doesn't look scary, but when you're in the tube the ride is really fast and very bouncy. In the middle of our ride, on the biggest turn I flew out of the tube and went flying into the ocean. It was absolutely hilarious and everyone couldn't stop laughing at me.

My favorite food here is probably breakfast at this great restaurant called Laguna. It's very delicious, and I always make sure to wake up every morning bright and early so I never miss it. I am having such an amazing time, and this has been such a wonderful experience that I will carry with me forever. I could not have asked for a better trip to Aruba with the Flight Crew.

Can't wait for the season to begin!


JESSICA S.: A Variety of Island Backdrops

Hey, Jets fans, it's Jessica S.!

I am writing you from the beautiful island of Aruba where we are shooting our 2012 swimsuit calendar. The weather in Aruba is so beautiful and I am having so much fun on this trip. I got to go shopping and spend some time on the beach today. A few of us even got to go on the banana boat! We had such a blast that we want to go back and do it again tomorrow.

This morning I got to shoot my swimsuit calendar at the Coal Mine Ruins. Words cannot describe how amazing the scenery was. I got to shoot in a window of an old stone building that faced the shore line.

This year's calendar will be amazing! Keep checking the website out to get some sneak peak previews on the shoot.

Let's go Jets! 


MEREDITH: Long, Winding Road to the Beach

Hey, Jets fans!

I finally had my photo shoot today at the breathtaking Andicuri Beach here in Aruba! Let me remind you that today is Thursday and we have been here since Monday, so my excitement and anticipation has been building and building, waiting to finally get my turn to shoot.

The location was unbelievable. It was quite an adventure to get there, too. Not only did we have to drive 30 minutes in a shuttle away from where we are staying at the Radisson Resort, but we then had to take a Jeep through some serious terrain to get to the location. It was a bit of a bumpy road!

Once we made it to the location I was so excited to get in front of the camera and be in that beautiful setting. I know all of my teammates have been working extremely hard while here in Aruba to get that perfect picture, and I'm sure all of you fans are just as excited as I am for the upcoming calendar! See you all soon!

xo Meredith

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