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MEREDITH J.: Welcome Home to a Soldier

Hi there, Jets Fans! It's Meredith J. from the Flight Crew!

This time of year is my favorite for many reasons, but this year I have an extra special reason to be thankful. After not seeing my cousin for over a year, he finally returned home safely after serving our country overseas in Afghanistan. We feel so blessed that he has returned home and is able to celebrate the holidays with our family.

So many honorable men and women serve and fight for our country every day, and I am proud to call my cousin one of them. I feel so grateful to be part of a team and organization that honor our military and armed forces at not just one game but every home game. Before the game begins and I am standing in the tunnel next to these men and women, I often find myself thinking of my cousin. He is such an inspiration to me and contributes to our nation's freedom every day. Being surrounded by the military at all of the home games makes being part of the Flight Crew and New York Jets that much more memorable.

One of my favorite games this past season was the "Military Appreciation" game. The New York Jets are constantly showing their support for our troops and honoring those who serve our country.

I am looking forward to spending these next few weeks with my cousin and family. It's the perfect time of year to share memories with loved ones. I am hoping to have my cousin attend the Jan. 2 game against the Buffalo Bills, where he will surely witness a WIN! See you all there!

—Meredith J.

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