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MEREDITH J.: Seeing the Sights

Eight members of the New York Jets Flight Crew are now in Mexico City, representing the NFL at different appearances around the city. Each day we will be hearing from a different Flight Crew Cheerleader on what she and the group did in Mexico's capital. Today's Flight Crew blogger: Meredith J.

Hi there, Jets fans!

The Flight Crew has been having such a great time in Mexico City! We have been so busy promoting the NFL and gaining fans for the New York Jets. It's been amazing to see the amount of support that our team and the Flight Crew have been given.

Today was full of fun events and appearances. This morning, Anne-Marie, Jackie, Karen and I appeared at Univision. We talked about our wonderful experiences in Mexico City and had a photo shoot. The pictures will appear on by the end of this month! Be sure to check them out!

Afterwards, we all visited the local Mexican market to shop from local artists! It was so much fun to be able to walk around and buy a piece of Mexican culture to bring home. From there, we were given a tour of Mexico City. We saw so many interesting sites including their Independence Square, the City Zoo, the President's house and so much more! It was fascinating to see the history of Mexico and its culture.

For lunch, we went to an authentic Mexican restaurant for some real Mexican cuisine! An appearance at a local "Suburbia" followed lunch. We have visited quite a few of these stores, as I'm sure you have read about them in some of the other girls' blogs. The fans were so supportive and visiting these stores is always something that we look forward to! We perform four dances and meet with our amazing fans.

After completing this appearance we visited a local sports bar called "Freedom" to visit some of the fans and promote the NFL. It always brings the Flight Crew so much joy to see the people so excited to see us. There's nothing like Jets fans!

As you can see, it was a busy but fun day! See you all next Sunday at the game! J-E-T-S!!!

Love, Meredith J.

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