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MARIE: Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Hey Jet Fans!

With the holiday season coming up, it makes me reminisce about all my family's traditions. Christmas is a huge holiday in my family. We love to put our own spin to things. Christmas Eve our family all gets together and celebrates it at my grandparents' house. Each year we take turns reading the story "The Night Before Christmas" right after dinner. This year is my turn! Doing this really gets me in the holiday spirit and brings the family close together.

Another tradition we do each year is search for hidden ornaments on my grandparents' Christmas tree. One ornament that is always the hardest to find is a handmade one my grandmother made when she was a young girl. The once round and colorful ball made of shiny foil is now flat and dull. It will always be a joke with our family that my grandmother has kept it for so long. We can never eat until someone finds it.

Finally, early Christmas morning around 1 a.m. we start off the holiday by exchanging Secret Santa gifts. We usually give one "prank" gift before we give the real present. Everyone has to guess who gave it to them after they open it. I can always guess who got my gift based on the inside jokes we share. This is definitely the most memorable tradition we have. My family and I really enjoy the holiday by being together and sharing gifts with one another.

All Jet Fans, I hope you have a wonderful holiday and maybe start some traditions of your own! See you on the sidelines.


ā€” Marie

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