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Drawing of the new Jets/Giants NFL Football Stadium project in New Jersey.

In the coming months, construction begins on the New Meadowlands Stadium, due to open in 2010, on Xanadu, the ultimate sports, leisure, family entertainment and shopping complex, and on the new rail line connecting the Meadowlands Complex to the Secaucus transportation hub.

One of the New York Jets' priorities during this time is to reduce overall vehicular traffic times, ease congestion and provide ample, well-marked parking for our fans.

However, as we work to achieve these improvements, parking and traffic conditions will worsen before they get better. During construction, various lots will be closed at different times and several thousand parking spaces will be lost for the entire 2007 season.

We understand the short-term challenges this will create for all of our Ticket Holders and we truly appreciate your patience as we work to alleviate parking and traffic issues on a long-term basis.

As a result of the ongoing construction, there will be no reserved parking lots for the 2007 season. Instead, in an effort to ensure that all of our Season Ticket Holders have access to parking at the Meadowlands Sports Complex, we have instituted a new Pre-Paid Parking Permit Program.

You must purchase your Pre-Paid Parking Permits for the entire season by June 15 to park at the Meadowlands.The total cost for Pre-Paid Parking Permits is $150 ($15 x 10 games) for cars and SUVs.

Anyone who does not purchase Pre-Paid Parking Permits will not be permitted to park in any of the Meadowlands lots.Satellite parking and shuttle service to the stadium from yet-to-be-determined areas will be available. Satellite parking location(s) should be within two miles of the Sports Complex.

We strongly encourage carpooling. If your group has one Pre-Paid Parking Permit for a game and you arrive in multiple cars, only one car will be permitted to park at the Meadowlands Sports Complex. All other cars will be sent to the off-site satellite parking lot(s).

Though we encourage our fans to enjoy safe and responsible tailgating activities, in an effort to ensure that all those Ticket Holders with parking permits can park at the Meadowlands, the one-car-one-spot policy will be strictly enforced. Violation of this rule may result in expulsion from parking lots and/or suspension of season tickets.

In an effort to maximize available parking spots for our Season Ticket Holders, Pre-Paid Parking Permits can also be used for the lots and parking deck across Route 120 on the Arena side. All parking lots and spots are available on a first-come-first-serve basis for Pre-Paid Parking Permit holders only.

Why are the Jets instituting a Pre-Paid Parking Permit Program for the 2007 season?

Construction of the New Meadowlands Stadium and rail line will begin in the coming months. As a result, we will lose several thousand parking spots for the 2007 season. In an effort to ensure that Season Ticket Holders have access to parking at the Meadowlands Sports Complex, reserved parking will be replaced by a Pre-Paid Parking Permit program.

How do Season Ticket Holders purchase the new Pre-Paid Parking Permits?

Ticket Holders will receive invoices for their Pre-Paid Parking Permits, payment for which is due on or before June 15. Per the instructions, Parking Permits must be pre-paid for the entire season — including the preseason. Pre-Paid Parking Permits cannot be purchased on a game-by-game basis.

How much do the Pre-Paid Parking Permits cost?

The Pre-Paid Parking Permits are available on a season-long basis only for a total cost of $150. The per-game parking fee for regular vehicles remains the same as in years past at $15 (the cost to park on the Arena side of the Sports Complex was previously $10).

New parking costs will be instituted for the following types of vehicles:

* Limousines: $75 per game

* RV's, Box Trucks, Trailers: $75 per game

* Buses: $100 per game

When will I receive my Pre-Paid Parking Permits?

Along with your season tickets, you will receive parking permits for each home game depending on the number of season tickets associated with your account. Please bring the appropriate parking permit to each home game to ensure access to the Meadowlands parking lots. No parking permit, no parking spot.If you pay on or before June 15, you will receive your Pre-Paid Parking Permits in your Season Ticket mailing.

How many Pre-Paid Parking Permits can I purchase?

We will sell Pre-Paid Parking Permits to Season Ticket Holders based on the following formula:

This formula is based on 2007 conditions and is subject to change depending on future conditions.

Can I purchase additional Pre-Paid Parking Permits?

No. Due to fewer overall parking spaces, we have limited parking permits. We strongly encourage carpooling. If your group has one parking permit for a game and you arrive in multiple cars, only one car will be permitted to park at the Meadowlands Complex. All other cars will be sent to satellite parking.

Where is satellite parking?

Satellite parking will be available at one or more locations to be determined within two miles of the Stadium. Shuttle buses between the satellite parking lot(s) and the stadium will be provided.

Do I need to purchase satellite parking permits in advance?

No, you may pay in cash at these lots on a per game basis.

Can I use My Jets Account to transfer game tickets and Pre-Paid Parking Permits?

Yes. You may log on to your My Jets Account and post your Pre-Paid Parking Permits for resale along with your regular season ticket. You may also transfer your Pre-Paid Parking Permits to family, friends or business associates. Log on to your account at and follow the step-by-step instructions.

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