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LISA: Yes, It Is That Simple!


Happy "almost" Spring, Jets Nation! With auditions coming up, I wanted to let you guys in on my experience last year and fill you in on a few secrets I have to ease the process.

Last year, my house was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy, and I was living at my Grandma's house out of a suitcase. About a month after that happened, I broke my toe and couldn't walk, with auditions only 4 months away. As soon as I broke my toe, the first thing that popped into my head was "When can I dance again?" I was determined to audition for the Flight Crew and knew I would do everything in my power to be the best I could be and make the team.

As soon as I was cleared to dance, I took as many dance and fitness classes as I could and went to the gym as much as I could. I also took the audition prep classes, which were a huge help. Losing my house and breaking my toe actually fueled me to be stronger and better than I was before. I didn't let it defeat me. Now here are some tips on how to not let the audition process defeat you!

Be yourself — That girl that dances in front of her mirror every night without a care in the world — yes, her. Let that pure joy of dance come through when you dance at any audition. It can be hard not to let your mind race, but take a deep breath and let your true self shine through when you perform. There's only one of you!

Don't be intimidated by others — Everybody has her own strengths and weaknesses and all can bring something special to the team. Instead of focusing on others, focus on being the best you can be. You never know, the girl sitting next to you could be your biggest fan!

Have fun! — You're probably thinking: Is this girl crazy? No, everyone, I'm not. Auditions do not always have to be a stressful, terrifying experience. Last year we got to learn the combinations on the field at semifinals. It was really fun and exciting. I also met a lot of really awesome girls, so don't let your nerves take away from the experience.

So whether you're planning on auditioning for the Flight Crew, auditioning for anything else, or reaching for any other goal, tell yourself you're going to do it, work to make yourself the best you can be, and do it! Yes, it is that simple. See you at auditions!


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