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LAUREN: The Benefits to Being of Good Cheer

Hey there, Jets Fans! Lauren here from the Flight Crew Cheerleaders. I am extremely excited to be back for a second season and I would love to share with you one of the ways I ended up here!

In addition to taking dance lessons since before I can remember, I attribute a lot of my success with the Flight Crew to cheering throughout both middle and high school. Cheering taught me so many different things and is something I think girls of all ages can learn from. Here are some of the immediate benefits of cheering for those of you that may be interested — especially for those future Flight Crew Cheerleaders out there!

1. Athletic skills, flexibility, endurance building: Cheering is sure to keep you in shape and build strength!

2. Memory improvement: Through cheering, one will learn many different cheers and routines, which will positively challenge and help you to improve your memory skills.

3. Confidence building: Cheerleaders learn to build self-confidence by performing in front of many fans. A receptive crowd paired with a winning team creates a very rewarding feeling.

4. Improved coordination: Cheerleaders are taught to move quickly, precisely, and most of all, effortlessly. Different choreography and speedy music trains us to become graceful with our many movements.

5. Team building: Most importantly, being a cheerleader means being a part of a team that teaches many life lessons. Girls learn to work together, compromise for a positive outcome, and support one another. The best feeling in the world is knowing that you, too, have people cheering for you — your teammates.

That's all for now, everybody. Remember, if all of you beautiful ladies out there are interested in trying a new sport, cheerleading has a ton of benefits and it's a ton of fun too!

See you on the sidelines and GO JETS!

—Lauren T

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