LAUREN T.: 5 Keys to a First-Class Kickline


Hello, Jets Fans! I hope you are all enjoying the offseason!

With Flight Crew Cheerleader auditions right around the corner, I wanted to write about one my favorite requirements of being on the Flight Crew and one of our main performance elements that can be seen at every game — the famous Flight Crew Kickline! For all of those FC audition candidates out there, here are some tips on how to master our signature kickline!

Stretch: Before kicking, it is imperative that you prepare properly. For example, sit in a straddle and stretch to the right, left and center with pointed toes and a straight back. Hold each stretch for about 10 seconds and repeat three times. You can also do this stretch with flexed feet. Stretch your hamstrings, quads and calf muscles as well!

Strengthen Your Core: Our kickline can be quite demanding and it is up to you to hold your own weight. Get yourself ready by doing some extra core strengthening. This will help you stand tall and kick to the sky without depending on the girl next to you for support!

Kick Your Heart Out: When kicking, keep your legs straight, muscles tight and toes pointed! Think about your power and whipping your legs quickly up and back down with feet together. Practice by using eight counts to make sure your timing is on. Example: Kick the right leg up on 1, down on 2, kick the left leg up on 3, close down 4, kick the right leg up on 5, down 6, kick the left leg up on 7, down 8. Repeat and practice to the front and both sides.

Form Is Key: Make sure to keep your back straight when kicking and bring your leg to your face, rather than slouching your back to bring your face to your leg. Straight posture actually makes your kicks appear higher! Arms should be locked and straight while fingers should be together and gently placed on the women next to you.

Perform It: While our kickline is challenging and physically demanding, it is important to make it look effortless! Get in the habit of rehearsing with a big, bright smile on your face! If kicks aren't your strength, make up for the height with great form and distract the judges with a dazzling smile!

Our kickline is one of the few times all of the cheerleaders are physically connected together, and when we are in sync and having fun our kickline can wow 80,000 fans at MetLife Stadium! We would love for you to be a part of that amazing energy! So don't forget to prepare by stretching, strengthening your core, kicking high, maintaining perfect form, and, of course, having fun! Best of luck to all of the beautiful women coming out for this year's team. See you at auditions!

Good Luck and GO JETS! —Lauren T.

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