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LAURA V.: Memories of Mexico

Hey, Jets fans, it's Laura V. here from the Flight Crew.

Allow me to tell you a little bit about my wonderful experience in Mexico City! Last month, I was one of eight girls selected from the Flight Crew Cheerleaders to represent the New York Jets and the NFL in Mexico City. My eight-day stay consisted of promoting the Jets in Mexico. I performed in schools, children's hospitals and multiple retail stores all throughout Mexico City. I got to visit multiple television stations, where I did interviews and performed on live talk shows and also performed for commercials which will air during the remainder of the football season down in Mexico.

I traveled all around Mexico City and got to experience the Mexican culture and how they live. The best part for me was putting smiles on the faces of every child and adult I met. All of the fans were very excited to see us down in Mexico City and wanted to learn more about the Flight Crew Cheerleaders. They were all very respectful and courteous and welcomed us graciously.

Leaving Mexico City, I felt like my job was completed by helping expand the New York Jets fan base in Mexico. It was an honor to be chosen and one of the biggest highlights of my season.

—Laura V.

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