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LAURA: The Joys of Autumn

Hey, Jets fans, It's Laura from the Flight Crew.

I hope you are excited for the fall season! It is my favorite time of year because it is not only a time for Jets football but a time for my family and me to pick a day for our annual apple picking trip. This is how I celebrate this time of year with my family.

Being that I am from Long Island, my family and I go to an apple farm in Suffolk County every September where they have the most delicious apples. We choose a weekend where the Jets are playing away and at night so we can make an entire day out of it.

We are able to drive right to the farm and wander through the orchards to pick the perfect bundle of apples to put in our basket. I breathe the crisp fall air and take in the beautiful sight of the fall foliage while enjoying quality time with my parents, aunts, and cousins. This is an annual tradition my grandparents started and we continue to keep it going year after year.

After a day of apple picking, it is time to prepare for the Jets game. My family comes back to my house and we all take part in making a delicious, warm homemade apple pie with the apples which we picked from the farm. There is nothing more comforting than being with my loved ones, filling my belly with a delicious meal and curling up on the couch cheering on my favorite football team. LET'S GO JETS!!


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