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KRYSTAL: Perfect Nail Colors for Any Occasion

Hey, Flight Crew Fans!

I thought it would be extremely fun to share Flight Crew-chosen nail polish colors for gamedays, appearances, holidays and nights out on the town.

Whether you get your nails done at a beauty salon or do them yourself at home, the main asset to your perfect-looking mani/pedi is color! The right color expresses your mood and personality and becomes the proper accessory to any incredible wardrobe. The Flight Crew try to select the suitable color that fits the right occasion. For instance, for a night on the town wear sultry red, a soft pastel color to a function or meeting, or a pink to celebrate a party!

I love getting my nails done and I try to alternate colors as frequent as possible. And I hope that you all like what we wear on specific events with Flight Crew top 10 picks from Essie.

For gamedays and appearances, we Flight Crew Cheerleaders like to keep it fancy with chic pastels, pinks and neutral colors:

Picket Fence — a polished creamy white.

Adore–A–Ball — a sheer soft pink, perfect for a French manicure.

Fiji —an opaque creamy pale pink.

Mango Bando — a sweet subtle coral.

Brooch the Subject — a creamy cashmere cameo.

Sand Tropez — a soft and sandy beige.

Secret Story — a dramatic and creamy bright fuchsia.

For holidays and special occasions we like to spice it up a bit with hot reds:

Fifth Avenue — a stylish and creamy red-orange blend.

Ole Caliente — a red-orange with pink undertone

Really Red — an award-winning truly rich red.

Hope you all enjoyed the selections. See you soon at upcoming Jets games.

—Cheers, Krystal

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