KRISTEN: Tips on Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

Hey, Jets fans — Kristen here! With the season ending soon and the holidays approaching, it is hard to believe the New Year is almost here. 2013 has gone by so fast, and I could not be more grateful for everything I have experienced and been a part of.

While most people are busy planning how they are going to celebrate as they welcome the New Year, I like to stop and reflect on the year that has gone by. To remember my triumphs and missteps, the great adventures or risks I chose or chose not to take, the changes I've made and the resolutions I've generated and met.

Last year, I made quite a few resolutions for 2013. While I have high hopes and good intentions of maintaining them, usually by the end of January I almost always forget. However, last year I made the decision to stick with it and make my New Year's resolutions last.

The first way I made sure I could do this was by making sure my resolutions were things that could be measured or checked off. Each one had to be realistic and attainable so I could always follow through. If I made the ambiguous resolution to "Be more spontaneous!" it would end up being a grandiose statement that I would never follow through with or be able to measure.

Another way I made sure I could meet my resolutions was by writing them down. I decided to type up and print my resolutions on a pretty piece of paper, frame them, and place them on the bookshelf next to my bed. By doing this, I was constantly reminded of the resolutions I made, which kept them more active in my mind and made it more likely that I would actually stick to them.

Lastly, I made myself accountable by setting monthly reminders on my phone to re-read my list the 1st of each month. Even though that list stared at me each morning, I needed that small reminder to set aside a few minutes to reflect on the resolutions I made and see if I was living up to my expectations of meeting them.

Seeing how these tips and tricks helped me in 2013, I cannot wait for them to help me meet my 2014 resolutions! A new year is all about getting another chance. A chance to do better, to do and give more, to love fearlessly, and to start embracing the experiences the next year has in store.

So when that ball drops at midnight, take a moment to remember the year that has passed and then remember what you plan to do to make this coming year even better — not just New Year's  night but each night, all year long. Jan. 1 will be the first page of a 365 page book. I hope you write a good one.

Happy Holidays and New Year, Jets fans!


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