KELLY M.: My Family's Twist on Secret Santa

Hey, Jets fans! It's Kelly from the Flight Crew. Today I'd like to share with you a funny game that my family has made a holiday tradition.

Every year at Thanksgiving dinner, my family, along with my extended family, write their names on little pieces of paper and the names get thrown into a hat. We scramble the names up and then without peeking each person grabs a different name from the hat (much like a Secret Santa). The rules go as follows:

■ Make an ugly sweater for the family member that you chose from the hat.

■ All objects on the sweater must be something that reminds you of that specific family member.

■ Objects must have some sort of Christmas-related decorations on them.

For example, last year, my sister April coincidentally had me for her secret sweater family member. She put a picture of Jim Carrey as the Grinch on it because I am always doing Jim Carrey impersonations to my family — who doesn't? She also put a fluffy cat wearing a Santa hat on my sweater because I love cats.

On Christmas morning, we exchange gifts with the whole family at my house. As everyone gathers to open presents, mixed in the wrapped gifts are also their wrapped sweaters. When everyone has their sweaters, we go around the room and explain why each object on the sweater was suitable for the person the sweater was made for.

We have been doing this for about three years now, and people like to get crafty with their sweaters. They get really silly. At the end of the night, we all have to wear our ugly sweaters to Christmas dinner and we take fun pictures together.

This tradition is also something that keeps my family close and it makes it all the more exciting to see everyone during the holiday season because it's a bonding experience. Maybe next year you can make this your own family tradition.

The funny thing is, this year I have my sister as my secret sweater family member! Shhh … she cannot know of the revenge I have planned for her.

Happy Holidays, Jets Nation! Lots of love, from my family to yours!

—Kelly M.

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