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K.LEE: 'Tis the Season Among Sisters

When you move far away from home to New York City, it's not unusual to feel a little lonely around the holiday season. All the family traditions and preparations for the holidays are miles and miles away, and one has to create new and sometimes unusual traditions. Although my family will be celebrating the holidays in Indiana and California this year, I will be here in New York City cheering on the New York Jets with the Flight Crew Cheerleaders.

Luckily, I will be amongst 39 other cheerleaders all celebrating the holidays in this unique way. Although Esther, from California, will miss cooking Thanksgiving dinner all day in her PJs with her sisters, she and the other 39 of us will be sharing a Thanksgiving dinner in the Flight Crew Cheerleaders locker room.

Sarah L. from Ohio says, "We all gather in the locker room, rehearse, get ready, eat, laugh and perform together. It really is such a blessing, and is something unique that not a lot of people are able to experience."

While most of us from out of town will get to fly home and celebrate the holidays after the Dec. 23 game against the Chargers, we are all so lucky and blessed to have 39 special sisters to spend the holiday season with.

Happy Holidays!



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