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K.LEE: Freshen Up Your Fitness/Dance Training


Auditions are just around the corner, and you are working on getting your strongest, fittest, best dancer body possible. While both an exercise regime and healthy diet plan are the best way to reach your goal, a lot of times we find ourselves a little bored or stuck in a rut. The best way to stay motivated when you are training for auditions is variety. Not only do we need variety in nutrition to obtain essential vitamins and minerals, we need variety in our workout plan.

When you put variety in your workout plan, you will not only stay motivated but you will learn to challenge your body every day.

If you are currently taking dance classes...

You are definitely on the right track. However, make sure you are taking a variety of classes. Yes, maybe you absolutely love your hip-hop teacher and that's wonderful, but the key to being your best dancer self is to gain strengths in different styles. Break up your hip-hop rut with a jazz, lyrical, ballet, or even tap or theater class. Every dance style will give you a new challenge and strengthen your body in a different way.

If you are gung-ho on cardio, cardio, cardio...

You are on the right track for building cardio stamina. However, it's the toning and strengthening work that leans out one's body. Maybe the weights and machines at the gym intimidate you and you have no idea where to start. My best advice would be to join a class. If you have a gym membership, check out the different classes offered in the group training rooms. You can also find great at-home DVDs or web episodes using small weights or bands.

If you are just not a gym person...

Boutique fitness is everywhere. Try something new every week until you find what classes work best for you. Eventually you will find yourself working out at three different places throughout the week. Some great choices include the following: boot camp, barre, lagree fitness, cardio dance, yoga flow, and trx. Check out what boutique fitness studios might be in your area. Most places offer a first-timer's special and a student discount.

Scared to try something new? Grab a friend and make it a workout date. After class you can grab a healthy snack together and chat about how amazing class was.

Best wishes to you and your goals!

—Sincerely, K.lee

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