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Johnson Details New Stadium's Seating Options

New York Jets chairman and CEO Woody Johnson at a news conference today unveiled seating options for New Jets Stadium opening in 2010. The plan includes no Personal Seat Licenses (PSLs) on all 27,000 seats in the upper bowl, an auction that will give every fan the opportunity to bid on membership in the Coaches Club for access to the 2,000 best seats in the house, and the option for all PSL owners to finance their purchase over five years.

"Our goal with the New Jets Stadium is to create the best home field in football and provide a range of seating options," Johnson said at the news conference, held in the New Stadium Suites Sales Center located in the 50 Club at the Meadowlands.

"We listened to our fans in designing this plan. That is why we decided to have no PSLs in the entire upper bowl — including those on the 50-yard line."

The 2,000 Coaches Club seats, located between the 40-yard lines behind the Jets bench, will be sold exclusively through an auction to be held this fall. The auction will be open first to current season ticket holders, then to waitlist members, depending on availability.

"A seat in the Coaches Club," Johnson said, "is the closest thing to having a spot on the roster."

Of the remaining seats, those in the lower bowl and the mezzanine will have PSLs varying in price from $4,000 to $20,000, and those seats in the East and West Clubs and the Great Hall Club will have PSLs ranging from $5,000 to $25,000.

The Jets have also developed an optional financing plan. After a 20 percent deposit due upon purchase, PSL owners may pay in installments over five years.

Each seating option has its benefits:

Upper Bowl —Clear view of high-definition scoreboards; wider concourses; cupholders at every seat; more concession stands; more restrooms.

Lower Bowl/Mezzanine — Reserved parking; more legroom; cupholders at every seat; wider tread area between rows for easier seat access and more comfortable viewing; option of purchasing tickets to certain other events and concerts (subject to terms and availability)

East/West Clubs and Great Hall Club — Reserved parking with dedicated access; private member-only entry into the stadium; private, enclosed, heated concourse; upscale cuisine offerings; exclusive access to one of two luxurious climate-controlled lounges with comfortable seating and flat-panel TVs; wider, cushioned seats with cupholders; seats designed by premier restaurant and hotel architect David Rockwell.

Coaches Club —All of the above club amenities plus on-field patio behind the home bench for exclusive field access; 20,000-square-foot football lounge; all food and non-alcoholic beverages included in season-ticket price; guaranteed right to purchase two seats per account for a Jets Super Bowl game; live viewing access of the head coach's postgame news conference; view of Jets players' hallway through a glass-enclosed hallway.

Aside from the auction, the sale of seats in the new stadium will use a priority system based first on seniority, according to Jets box office records, then on seat location. "That way," Johnson said, "our most loyal fans will always be at the front of the line."

Waitlist members will have the opportunity to purchase seats after season tickets holders. Depending on availability, season ticket holders will be able to upgrade to a Club Member PSL or to a PSL in the lower bowl or mezzanine end zone, or may purchase a seat that requires no PSL in the best available location.

The Jets' owner, who was accompanied at the news conference by club executive vice presidents Matt Higgins and Thad Sheely, also emphasized the other benefits available to all fans attending games, such as a new rail line to the stadium, wider traffic lanes, better tailgating and concerts on the plaza.

But Johnson's highest priorities have been to bring all Jets fans a new home stadium — the first in franchise history — and designed with them in mind, and to give every current season ticket holder who wants to purchase seats in the new stadium the opportunity to do so.

"My goal with the New Jets Stadium is to create the best home field in football," he said. "In 2010 that goal will be realized when all Jets fans can say, 'Finally, we're the home team.' "

Following the Coaches Club PSL auction in the fall, the sale of the other Club Member PSLs will follow in the winter. The remainder of the seats, including the seats with no PSLs, will be available in the spring of 2009.

Details on the New Jets Stadium seating and pricing plans will be available at ** as they are finalized.

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