@JetsFlightCrew Sights and Sounds

Another week closer to SBXLVIII appearences and events, the @JetsFlightCrew spent the week performing for fans as well as even having a Dance Off of their own.

Check out the latest from your Flight Crew Cheerleaders.

@KellyM_JFC and the Show Team get ready before appearing at the Garden for the NFL Fans First event.

With my girls @Roselinda_JFC @Nancy_JFC Amanda, and Sarah back stage getting ready to perform at @TheGarden pic.twitter.com/kGdI3yhivc — Kelly M (@KellyM_JFC) January 17, 2014

We supported education for children in Uganda by having a Flight Crew Cheerleader Dance Off. Check out GetDownDanceOff.org to watch!

Flight Crew Cheerleading Director Denise Garvey poses backstage with some veteran Show Team members before another NFL Fans First Rally performance on Saturday.

With @JetsFlightCrew Jessica, Sam and Krista. Heading backstage now... pic.twitter.com/oMl1hctdyF — Denise Garvey (@DeniseGarveyNYJ) January 18, 2014

It's never too early to start preparing for your Flight Crew Auditions with our March Prep classes.

Have any of you ladies signed up for our audition prep classes yet?! http://t.co/iEERiUKde9 they're super helpful! pic.twitter.com/i006vh48IA — Brie (@Brie_JFC) January 15, 2014

And if there is one thing that will set you apart at Auditions it's this.

"@TheReelStacieLG: if you put high importance on one thing for auditions, what would it be?" Showmanship! A big smile goes a long way!! — Denise Garvey (@DeniseGarveyNYJ) January 17, 2014

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