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Jets Drop Club Prices as Much as 50 Percent


We're in the middle of the 2009 season, but here is an important double-barreled news flash to pass on  about 2010 at the New Meadowlands Stadium:

The Jets are opening season ticket sales for the new stadium to the general public beginning Sunday, Nov. 1. And beginning today, the team is holding a Facebook presale of these season tickets, for Facebook Fans of the Jets only.

And the team has unveiled plans to lower prices on mezzanine club seats in the new stadium by as much as 50 percent, with emails going out to all existing mezzanine club seat buyers that they will be offered the opportunity to take advantage of the new lower prices for those seats already purchased.

The moves come as the Jets have announced that they have sold 70 percent of their non-club seats in the new building.

"This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to obtain seats in the best stadium in the NFL," said Matt Higgins, executive vice president of business operations. "We're excited to begin season ticket sales to the general public. There are still great options available to be there when we kick off the inaugural season in 2010."

On the mezzanine front, the Jets have lowered ticket prices 20 to 50 percent on some mezzanine club seats, representing 7,000 of the 80,000 seats in the new stadium, about 9 percent of the seats. The four sections in the mezzanine clubs will be reduced

*  Mezzanine Club Corner tickets will be reduced from $400 per game to $195.

*  Mezzanine Club Goal Line tickets will go from $400 per game to $245.

*  Mezzanine Club Sideline tickets will go from $500 per game to $295.

*  Mezzanine Club Prime tickets will go from $500 per game to $395.

PSL prices have not been adjusted for any seats in the stadium.

The reason for the reductions is to ensure a full house for the Jets when they take the field in 2010.

"We recognize that thousands of fans want an affordable option to experience the mezzanine club," said Thad Sheely, executive vice president of finance and stadium development. "By aggressively cutting prices on these club seats by as much as 50 percent, fans can experience the best food, parking and amenities available."

"Everyone loves the mezzanine club," Higgins said. "They love the parking, the seats, the sightlines, the food. But they didn't love the price. We had 2007 ticket prices in a 2009 world. The realities changed pretty dramatically since then. We want this building to be sold out on opening day 2010."

With ticket prices now starting at $195 per game, club seat access is available for as little as $45 per game more than some lower bowl seats.

Beginning Sunday, the general public can call 800-469-JETS to purchase tickets for the 2010 season and can visit **** for more information. We're also planning a live chat with a team official Thursday during the day to take questions from fans on these ticket matters.

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