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Jets Advance Toward Phase 3 of Offseason

Todd Bowles on His Vets, His Rookies & 'No Excuses'


The rookies have joined the veterans for the Jets' offseason program and head coach Todd Bowles is putting his players through their paces, as much as he can at this page on the football calendar.

"As a coach, you want more time to get them on the field, but with the rules, that's not possible," Bowles told Eric Allen on Tuesday. "Phase One is more of them getting back in shape from a lifting and running standpoint and meeting with their coaches. Phase Two is going out on the field and lining up, doing some drill work and getting these guys acclimated a little more from a football standpoint as opposed to just running and lifting.

"Phase Three will start with the OTAs and everything next week when we're going to actually practice."

Bowles likes what he sees so far but fans are familiar with his mantra that we won't know anything until they take it "to the field" as in the Atlantic Health Training Center fields in the crucible of summer and training camp.

On the veterans the team has brought in this offseason, the coach said:

"There were guys we liked, but you have to prove it on the field. We're confident in the guys we picked up that can help us, but everyone has to stay healthy and jell together as a team. That's a process we're working on now."

Best Snapshots from the First Day of Rookie/Veteran Combined Workouts During Phase Two of the Offseason Program

And on the Jets' rookie class:

"We're excited about the guys we got based on their college film, but nothing stands out until they step on the field. We like what we saw in college and what they could bring to our team. We'd like to get them in the mix, which is what we're doing now and see how they jell and fit in. All of them are tough, good kids and we just want to make them fit in the right way."

Speaking of catchphrases, last year's "One Team, One Goal" is still around, but there's a new one that Bowles credits to head strength and conditioning coach Justus Galac that is already on workout shirts and ready for 2018.

"Justus came up with the 'No excuses. Blame nobody. Do something' mantra on the back of the sweatshirt, which is great," Bowles said. "There are a lot of ideas that get thrown around. Depending on the pulse of the team, you come up with the phrase or quote that fits at that time."

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