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JESSIKA V.: A Passionate Opening Night

Hi, Jets Fans ā€” What an intense Monday Night!

Although we did not win, it was a great game for all football fans. Our defense played their hearts out. I hope this is just a little bump in the road for the New York Jets because I was so proud to be on the same field cheering them on. I know the Flight Crew could not wait to step out on the field, even in the pouring rain.

The opening game was such an amazing experience for me, so I will do my best to share it with all of you. I was not able to be on the field for preseason, so having the opportunity to come out for the home opener was unbelievable. One thing I know is that the Jets fans are the most passionate fans alive. The stands were filled the entire game and the crowd never stopped rooting our team on.

Although I had some butterflies leading up to the start of the game, I was able to settle some of my nerves during warmups. The adrenaline was running through my body as the players ran through the tunnel and made the whole stadium quiet. I knew I would be fine from that moment on. Having Darrelle Revis back for the first time this season felt great, and the reaction from all the fans when he came out of the tunnel was nothing short of what I expected.

I look forward to a great season for the Jets in our quest for the Super Bowl. This is my first year on the Flight Crew and I am so excited to see what else there is in store for us this season.

See you all on Sunday!!!

ā€” Jessika V.

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