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JESSIKA: Dance Is the Answer

Hey, Jet Fans!

WHAT A WIN!!!!! I am still running around with an enormous smile on my face. Watching the game Saturday night was more exciting to me then it was watching the ball drop on New Year's Eve! All I wanted was to be out on that field cheering our team's victory.

Cheering for the 2010 New York Jets Flight Crew has been such a great journey. Having the opportunity to be an NFL Cheerleader is astonishing, and what makes this experience even more amazing is actually being a long loyal fan to the game! Being on the field feels like I have front row seats to the team and organization I love.

With that said, right now I am focusing on 2011 auditions. This year's auditions will be just as hard and nerve-wrecking. I have always been shy when it comes to auditions but when I'm on that field, it's gametime. Our team is known for its technique and powerful dance performances. There is something about dancing in front of 80,000 people that makes what I do exhilarating.

NFL cheerleading is time-consuming and extremely hard work. You have to pick up dances immediately and perform them as soon as they are given to you. I believe my strong background in ballet, modern, jazz and classical dancing has enabled me to do well as part of the team.

Because of these high demands, I have developed and maintained great physical condition as well. It is very important before auditioning that you do your homework on the New York Jets and the Flight Crew. You have to have passion for what you do and who you represent.

Some things I would recommend would be to stay away from bad habits. Try to eat healthy and maintain a steady food schedule. I love taking yoga, pilates or body flow classes. They help give me good energy and keep me alert. Another thing I love to do is go out dancing. Try out different styles of music and movements. No matter what, always stay positive and smile!

xo — Jessika

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